Visual Studio 2013 Preview Survey

Visual Studio 2013 Preview Survey

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It’s been 2 weeks since we released Visual Studio 2013 Preview, and we’d like to hear what you think about it. Let us know your impressions by taking the Visual Studio 2013 Preview survey.

We do these surveys with most of our releases, and they help us gain deep insights on how we are doing with core areas such as quality,  reliability, performance and overall satisfaction.

In this survey, we’re also looking for your opinions on areas such as .NET compatibility, project/solution compatibility and theming. Your input will help us continue to improve Visual Studio. We greatly appreciate your feedback.


Deon Herbert
Program Manager – Visual Studio Team

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  • * make it possible to hide all the login features

    * make it more easy to edit toolbars and context menus

    * allow users to disable features that we don't want (context menus are filled with options like nuget's and azure's that I don't use)

    Other than that, and before I uninstalled it at the time it required login, I quite enjoyed vs2012 SP1.

  • It makes no sense to talk about app development and never talk about installation.  Also, Balmer said in the Build keynote that MS does care about these millions of desktop apps.  If that's really true, then how can you take out the simple yet very effective setup project??

    Please bring the setup/deployment project back.  The response you gave on the user-voice item is horrible.  It doesn't tell us anything as to why you took it out.  You go to great lengths to tell us all about how you're making the IDE faster, better, etc., but then you take a major component away and won't say anything.

  • Bring back Setup and Deployment project

  • Bring back the old time rock and roll.

  • Bring back Setup and Deployment. Bring back coloured icons in VS2012. And, bring back Setup and Deployment.

  • Yep, Setup and Deployment Project please!

  • Bring back Setup and Deployment project

  • Bring back Setup and Deployment project!

    Bring back Setup and Deployment project!

    Bring back Setup and Deployment project!

  • Looks just like VS2010 with upper case right alligned menus, crappy colour, the setup removed, tons of stuff no-one really ever uses.

    I won't be using this, just like I ain't using VS2012.

    I'll be sticking with VS 2010 - Ta.

  • Setup & Deployment Package Project still missing - desperately need this bringing back.

    Menus in CAPS look awful - slap the designer who thought of this one.

    Color scheme flat and lifeless - another slap for the designer.

    Why another release now? You guys really shouldn't be releasing completely new versions until at least a 5yr cycle. Service Packs should suffice in the interim. There's nothing our business needs from Visual studio 2010 that we can't do in Visual Studio 2008, so we have years left in Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7.

    BTW, Windows 8 UI garbage sucks for developers; please give us a desktop OS that we can turn the consumer oriented rubbish off. Who the hell writes dev code on a tablet??

  • Bring back Setup and Deployment project!

  • All of the feature of Visual Studio 2013 are amazing! Personally I'm fully satisfied with it's feature such as .NET compatibility, them and so on. I just love this version so much....:)

  • I used all features of vs2005,little less of vs2008, a lot less in vs2010, will not use vs2012 and above as I haven't even utilized vs2010 fully!!! Why release a new version of visual studio every year? Haven't you got enough money with Kinect?

  • Don't bring back Setup and Deployment projects. WiX is fine.

  • Don't change anything. I stay with 2010.

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