Visual Studio 2013 Preview Survey

Visual Studio 2013 Preview Survey

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It’s been 2 weeks since we released Visual Studio 2013 Preview, and we’d like to hear what you think about it. Let us know your impressions by taking the Visual Studio 2013 Preview survey.

We do these surveys with most of our releases, and they help us gain deep insights on how we are doing with core areas such as quality,  reliability, performance and overall satisfaction.

In this survey, we’re also looking for your opinions on areas such as .NET compatibility, project/solution compatibility and theming. Your input will help us continue to improve Visual Studio. We greatly appreciate your feedback.


Deon Herbert
Program Manager – Visual Studio Team

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  • Bring back Setup and Deployment project!

    Bring back Setup and Deployment project!

    Bring back Setup and Deployment project!

  • Erase all sources & fire all devdiv. After vs2010 was degradation only.

  • Bring back setup and deployment project!

  • Bring back Setup and Deployment project

  • Remove All caps menu and bring back setup project.

  • I see quite a few people already mentioned this, but I'm going to add my vote for the Setup and Deployment project.

  • Bring back Setup and Deployment project

  • Not sure if it's been mentioned yet in the other comments, but you should bring back setup and deployment projects.

  • We'll  STOP upgrading visual studio till setup & deployment project is back.

  • Agreed, we're not upgrading either until Setup/Deployment project is back.

    It's not like it was flaky or was not dependable.  There was no technical reason to remove it.  I'm guessing MS wants to psychologically push everyone to the "app store"....but it's wrong to push your customers into something soley for your interest/gain.

  • Bring back Setup and Deployment projects. InstallShield is the WORST, and getting an all-in-one solution was a major motivation for me to switch to Visual Studio. Now you're pulling out vital functionality?

    I love the IDE's new UI in VS 2012, so I hope you won't change that much. As bad as Metro is on Windows 8, it works on VS2012 because it's unified -- and snappy. I felt the UI in 2010 made VS slow to use.

  • Please bring back the Setup and Deployment project type.

    We have been forced to convert a few of our previous vdproj projects to Wix because of the need to use async/await under VS2012, but it has proven to be a productivity killer. We are keeping all of our other projects (the majority) under VS2010, because neither us nor our customers want to take the development and maintenance time hits associated with the Wix transition.

  • Bring back Setup and Deployment project

  • MSFT is falling...

  • Full colour icons again please. The current ones all look the same because they are so small which negates the point of having them.

    I can no longer find anything in the toolbox without slowing down and reading. Previously my eyes were drawn to the icon I recognised.

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