Visual Studio 2013 Preview Survey

Visual Studio 2013 Preview Survey

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It’s been 2 weeks since we released Visual Studio 2013 Preview, and we’d like to hear what you think about it. Let us know your impressions by taking the Visual Studio 2013 Preview survey.

We do these surveys with most of our releases, and they help us gain deep insights on how we are doing with core areas such as quality,  reliability, performance and overall satisfaction.

In this survey, we’re also looking for your opinions on areas such as .NET compatibility, project/solution compatibility and theming. Your input will help us continue to improve Visual Studio. We greatly appreciate your feedback.


Deon Herbert
Program Manager – Visual Studio Team

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  • Really I stay with Visual Studio 2010.

    Ugly design and usability is a disaster in VS 2012, 2013.

    The lack and less features like Setup & Deployment, Macros, Designers, etc....

    The great number of bugs and inestability makes a poor product with very bad quality.

  • I need a desktop developer tool.

  • What's with the (lack of) speed? Tried creating a new MVC project yesterday and it took half an hour to add 5 references and then crashed.

  • Because of its ever-improving productivity improvements, Visual Studio 2013 is perfect as-is. What are these improvements, you ask? Easy. By not having to ever upgrade from VS2010, I can save myself countless hours of getting my development environment back the way I like it. I also avoid losing time on removed functionality, frustrating design choices, and the flat-out baffling obsession with UPPER CASE text.

    Thanks, Microsoft, for keeping my development environment stable and unchanging!

  • Bring back the VS2010 full color 3d icons please. It's an incredible time consumer for me in trying to figure out which icon I want. We want the option for a full return to a VS2010 user interface, complete with the colors, borders, fonts and so on. A theme editor is just not sufficient. I have yet to move off of VS2010 simply due to the fact that my eyes are terribly strained whenever I do so. There have been thousands upon thousands of votes and comments on this subject, and I so I fail to understand why Microsoft does not provide us with the choice we're asking. Microsoft has always been about choice, but since Win8 and VS2012 it would now seem Microsoft is trying to follow Apple and dictate what is good for us. Don't try to be Apple, don't try to be Google, BE MICROSOFT! Be the leader that Microsoft has always been. You should not focus on what is perceived as 'cool' or 'in-fashion' to the detriment of usability. And also PLEASE STOP with all the grey in your products and websites. Grey text on grey backgrounds, grey text on white backgrounds, it's just insanity. If I bought a book with grey text, I would think the printing press had run low on ink. Seriously though it strains the eyes. Another thing, what's up with the thin weight fonts all over the place? We have no color, grey on grey, no clearly definable borders, super thin weight text,,, what's next?? White fonts on a white bg? That'll make the screen look really clean (pardon my sarcasm but I'm frustrated). You have a fantastic product, but with a UI that just makes me not want to code and invent new colorful metaphors throughout the day.

  • Bring back Setup and Deployment project

  • PLEASE - bring back Setup and Deployment project.

  • It's great you posted this survey, but aren't you going to at least say something to all of the comments here?

  • Please, bring back Setup and Deployment Project, thank you.

  • oh, i forgot: stop with redistributable of VC++ and .NET. Bring them with windows update on EVERY computer.

  • As many many many others request,

    bring back Setup and Deployment project.

  • Remove all projects, leave one big button "pay $99".

  • Bring back Setup and Deployment project

  • Here's my list of suggestions and bugs  

    One Week with Visual Studio 2013

  • Bring back Setup and Deployment project

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