Windows Azure Mobile Services in Visual Studio 2013

Windows Azure Mobile Services in Visual Studio 2013

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With new tools for Windows Azure Mobile Services, Visual Studio 2013 helps you quickly build connected Windows Store apps. We’ve made it very easy for you to associate your app with Mobile Services, create new tables and services, edit your server side scripts, and most importantly enhance your apps with push notifications all from within Visual Studio. This blog post provides an overview of the features. To get more details, take a look at the Windows Azure Mobile Services Tools in Visual Studio 2013 Toolbox episode and our extensive documentation.

Get Connected

With the new Services Manager experience, you can easily connect your apps to online services such as Windows Azure Mobile Services. The Services Manager adds library references and custom snippets to your project allowing you to reference a particular service instance. Think of it as the enhanced version of the References Manager, where you can now add “connected references.”

To add a connected reference, simply select your Windows Store project, right click, and choose Add Connected Service.

Services Manager Window

Edit your server side scripts

Up until now, to create new tables and edit your server side scripts, you had to switch back and forth between VS and the Windows Azure Management Portal. With Visual Studio 2013, you no longer have to do that. Using our new Server Explorer functionality, you can do all your basic management tasks from Visual Studio.

Edit server side scripts in Visual Studio Server Explorer

Need a push?

Push notifications can be a powerful tool for informing users of changes in their data. Until now, this has required a significant amount of code and steps to follow. To make things easier for you, we’ve created the Push Notification Wizard.

The Wizard guides you through all the steps required to enable your Windows Azure Mobile service to send push notifications (tiles, toast, and badge) to your app. In a nutshell, the wizard configures your project, your mobile service, the Windows Store, and the Windows Notification Service so that your app will get a push notification as soon as it launches. There’s a lot going on here, and again, the documentation gives a look behind the scenes.

To try out the Push Notification Wizard, simply select your Windows Store Project, right-click and choose the Add submenu, and select Push Notification.

Adding Push Notifications

We’d love to hear back from you. You can comment on this post, use the send-a-smile feature from Visual Studio, submit bugs through Microsoft Connect, or post suggestions on Visual Studio User Voice.


Merwan Hade: Program Manager, Visual Studio Windows Azure Tools

Merwan is a Program Manager with the Windows Azure Tools team in Visual Studio. He has worked on a number of tooling features, all designed to make it easier for developers to build and debug applications powered by Windows Azure. Merwan is passionate about app development, especially in the mobile space.


Richard Lee: Program Manager, Visual Studio Connected App Tools

Richard is a Program Manager on the Connected App Tools team in Visual Studio. He works on making it easier to connect Windows Store apps to services from Visual Studio.

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  • I have tried to create a new Windows Phone 8 Pivot Application with Visual Studio 2013 Preview then I try to click on the project and Add a Connected Service, All I Get is a message saying there are "No Connected Service Components were found in the current project".   I have the Mobile Services visible in the Server Explorer and I can create a new service from there with no problems but when I try to Add the Connected Service I get the error message.  Is there a step by step solution when creating a brand new project?

  • I guess one thing I forgot is I am running Windows 8 Pro as the operating system.  I have not upgraded to the 8.1 Preview.  Does that make a difference or is there something else in Visual Studio 2013 Preview I need to do before I can see the connected services?

  • Wade, Services Manager nodes are designed to work with specific project types. In Visual Studio 2013 Preview, the Windows Azure Mobile Services and Microsoft Ads service manager nodes only work for Windows Store 8.1 projects. You will indeed need to be running on Windows 8.1 Preview in order to create Windows Store 8.1 projects. One issue here is that the Add Connected Service… menu item is showing up for your Windows Phone project, even though there are no applicable nodes. Add Connected Service… showing up for projects where it’s not applicable is a Preview bug that will be fixed for RTM. The other issue is that the Windows Azure Mobile Services node doesn’t work for Windows Phone. This is something we’re considering addressing in the future.

  • Why is Microsoft releasing software to few specific operating systems. There should be a site where a person can check for compatibility of the programs.

  • in a Windows phone 8 project with vs 2013 installed in Windows 8.1. There 's no menu to add Windows Azure Mobile Services. using right click in the project. It only appear in Windows 8 project....Is it normal??

  • Ok i undestand it will be ok later

  • Editing server side script is working fine for tables. But I couldn't manage to locate option to edit custom API. Is it possible in VS 2013 OR lined up for next release?

  • hi, when i click on add "Connected services" option is not showing. how can i add it?

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