Visual Studio 2013 RC available now!

Visual Studio 2013 RC available now!

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Today, we announced that the Visual Studio 2013 Release Candidate is now available for download on our Visual Studio product site.

We are also excited to share that the Visual Studio 2013 Launch is on Nov 13th 2013. Save the date to participate in all the excitement, more details about the event can be found on the events page.

Visual Studio 2013 RC works seamlessly side-by-side with Visual Studio 2012. It can also be installed on top of Visual Studio 2013 Preview without having to uninstall Preview. However, please note that, Windows Store app development requires Windows 8.1 RTM, which is available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers. Visual Studio 2013 RC does not support Windows 8.1 Preview or Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview. For more information, see system requirements and platform compatibility.

When you first launch RC, you will be asked to sign in. Read about our plans for signing in to Visual Studio at our post from Preview. Similar to Preview, you can continue using Visual Studio for the 14 day trial period without signing in. We’ve made sign in required for Preview and RC, but as we said in our Preview post, sign in will be optional in the final Visual Studio 2013 release. When you sign in to Visual Studio 2013 RC, your custom settings from Visual Studio 2013 Preview will automatically get synchronized to RC. We’ve had over 80K unique users that signed into Preview, and this helped us find and fix a number of issues in this area. RC is a better product because of you!

What’s new since Preview

Since the release of Preview, we’ve been hard at work improving this release and addressing top customer feedback from Preview. You can find some of the top updates in the RC on Somasegar’s Blog.

Feedback received through diagnostics, telemetry, bugs, blog comments, and through send-a-smile helped us improve our product since Preview, fix bugs such as sign-in problems from behind a proxy server, and introduce new features such as integrating your IDE sign in with your TFS accounts and auto-connect you. Please keep the feedback coming with RC!

For additional information on what’s new, please see the “What’s New” page on, the Visual Studio 2013 RC Toolbox show on Channel9, and the Project Compatibility reference on MSDN. One example of new features you’ll find in these locations is that we’ve added the ability to edit in the Peek window, as an addition to the Visual Studio 2013 New Editor Features.


Thank you for all the feedback! It has immensely helped us improve Visual Studio and take it from Preview to RC.

We received a lot of feedback through the send-a-smile tool because of its easy accessibility from within Visual Studio. You’ll notice that the drop down for feedback now includes “send-a-smile”, “send-a-frown”, as well as “report a bug”. To send general thoughts and sentiments on the release please use send-a-smile, and to report a bug please use the report-a-bug option from the dropdown in the top right corner of the IDE. If you have the VS Feedback Tool installed, that will allow you to report a bug directly from the IDE. If not, this menu item will bring you to the Visual Studio Connect site.

Feedback drop down - Send a smile, Report a bug

We also want to hear your suggestions or feature ideas/improvements so please add your suggestions to UserVoice or vote on other user’s suggestions. For Q&A please use the Forums and for in-production support only you can contact Support.


The Visual Studio Team

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  • Oh really!?

    "we’ve been hard at work improving this release and addressing top customer feedback"

    5,828 votes was not enough for you?

  • Yes, I would have to agree with Sandro, and every comment posted to that article.

    crazy stupid move...and after 22 years, I'm seriously thinking of becoming an Android developer. Sorry M$FT, but you're dying a slow death because you've truly blown it this past year with your "decisions".

  • Good to see that top feedback items (flat icons, borderless GUI, menu bar caps, removed installer) have been addressed.

    Ignoring feedback is well within your rights, but please stop claiming that you do not.


    what in the ballsacks? is this a mistake? dev tool previews not supporting your latest windows previews?

    *falls over 10 times*

  • Did you fix the GUI? Did you bring back setup and deployment projects? Did you listen to feedback?

  • Great work on the Git support! I am however missing a few features like tagging, rebase, amend commit etc. Will we see stuff like that in a future update?

  • Where?



    Setup & Deployment?


    Ugly GUI?

    ALL CAPS Menu?

    I dont want to waste my time anymore on uservoice or reporting. At the end you doing what you want and do not matter at what users want. Only what Microsoft wants: Windows Store. Windows Store=Money for Microsoft. For Windows Store Microsoft not need Setup & Deployment.

    Microsoft still has not realized that new modern metro UI it's ugly. Very ugly. And simple. And that is the main reason about slow market share of Windows 8, Windows Phone, etc.

    Since 2010, Microsoft product quality leaves much to be desired.

  • Installing Error Stuck Up in Installing Behavious sdk(xaml) installing........

  • @Praba-

    Can you tell me a little bit more about the error that you see? Do you see a message that the install was not successful, or does it appear to be stuck? We'll see what we can do to help.

    Kelly Berman

    Visual Studio Setup

  • I Downloaded   VS2013_RC_PRO_ENU.iso  2.88GB and  I started installing it.but past four was installing the behaviours sdk (xaml) for visual studio .the progress is still in the same level.what the problem?

  • what was SQL Server Compact?

  • Fail

  • For people complaining about "all caps menu": Is not an VS team decision.  Don't you guys realize that all new MS software are using "all caps menu"? Get over that.

  • This release doesn't work with TFS 2008.  I get an error:

    Team Foundation Server http://server:8080/ does not exist or is not accessible at this time.

    Technical information (for administrator):

     Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

  • I am not satisfied with the properties window.

    XAML does not appear properly, except the projects.

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