Visual Studio 2013 released to web!

Visual Studio 2013 released to web!

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Visual Studio 2013 is now available for download! We hope you are as delighted with this release as we are to bring it to you. You can learn more about what's new in Visual Studio 2013 on the Visual Studio website. Also mark your calendars to join us for the Visual Studio 2013 virtual launch event on November 13th!

If you haven’t tried out Visual Studio 2013 Preview or RC, when you first launch Visual Studio 2013 you’ll be invited to sign in to Visual Studio with a Microsoft Account.

VS2013 RTM GA SignIn

When you sign in with your Microsoft account, Visual Studio will remember your top settings and automatically synchronize them across devices ensuring Visual Studio is set up to exactly how you like it! You can learn more about this feature from our previous Synchronized Settings blog post or from MSDN.

Signing in has other advantages in addition to synchronizing your settings across devices. As an MSDN subscriber, signing in will automatically unlock the IDE without needing to enter a product key. Signing in to Visual Studio Professional, Premium and Ultimate can extend a trial, and Visual Studio Express users can sign in once to fully unlock their IDE. In addition, when you sign in, Team Explorer can now prepopulate all your Team Foundation Service accounts automatically in the Connect to Team Foundation Server dialog and connect to them without re-prompting for credentials. Check out Signing in to Visual Studio to learn more about the capabilities that get lit up when you sign into Visual Studio.

Please note that you can still unlock Visual Studio Professional, Premium and Ultimate with a product key. However, features that need a signed in user, like Synchronized Settings won’t be available.

For information on Windows 8.1, which was released today the general public, please check out Blogging Windows. MSDN subscribers can also download both Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.1 from the Subscribers Download page.

Download Visual Studio 2013 to try out the new features. To help get started, check out system requirements and platform compatibility as well as the Productivity Tips on MSDN. Finally, to gain more insight into Visual Studio 2013, read additional posts in the Developer Tools blog network from the people who contributed to this release.

Thank you for all the feedback thus far that has helped shape Visual Studio 2013. We look forward to hearing from your feedback / ideas so please add your suggestions to UserVoice or vote up an existing suggestion. Use Connect to log bugs, and Forums for Q&A. You can also contact Product Support for any issues in production.


The Visual Studio Team

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  • No.  You will accept it.

    Yours, from Stockholm

  • "Please note that you can still unlock Visual Studio Professional, Premium and Ultimate with a product key. "

    So what are we downloading?  An "Express" version that's free?

  • It's a trap!

  • I've been trying very hard to get this to install, and it just doesn't. I have tried both the ISO and the web installers, multiple downloads of each, and the installer keeps hanging.

    I have searched for hours and can find no help resources for this, so I started a stackoverflow question.

  • when trying to install the VS 2013 I m getting a note stating my windows 7 is not sufficient.

  • Would love to move to this in my work environment but I can't because of the IE 10 requirement... Is there any way round this?

  • From last week the bugs I posted are fixed ?, My Express for web 2013 show me red error when I paste jquery cdn script tag.

    When you plan to publish update 1 for this 2013.

  • @ Alessio T

    Administrators of DreamSpark Standard or Premium subscriptions can download VS 2013 from MSDN Subscriber Portal today. As for the other DreamSpark channels, i.e. and the individual web stores of academic institutions with a DreamSpark subscription, it will be available on October 31st.

  • Is there any way to not install IE 10 and not have a 'sign prompt' since our IT does not support IE 10 and we only infrequently apply VS updates.

  • In Visual Studio 2013, how do I get source code to print in color with line #'s

    For 2012 I used Productivity Power Tools 2012 which includes Color Printing.

  • Guys,

    I love the IE10 requirement. Everyone using Windows 7 and 8 should be using IE11. The corporations should shake there lazy asses and do this investment for the greater good. If they are using IE9, nothing will break as such when migrated to IE11. But if they are using IE8, then they SHOULD invest in it. Web has evolved in past 9 years WAY TOO MUCH! And if you are still on IE7, I am not addressing you __|__

    IE is not just a browser, it is set of services. Once they join IE9+ pool, there is no need for version locking in LOB application or at least the dependency is as less as 10% what we had before. Believe it, that will make everyone's life easier if they agree to abandon the old layout and JavaScript engine in favor of new bits.

  • When I right click on a VS associated file in Windows File Explorer and go down to "Open with", why does it have to say:

    "Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop" and then open up a menu that is half the width of the screen?

    How about just "VS 2013"? or something less then 15 characters? How can I shorten this? My only other alternative is to undo all VS associations so as to not deal with this.

  • "I love the IE10 requirement. Everyone using Windows 7 and 8 should be using IE11."

    I'm happy with Chrome, thank you very much.

  • "I'm happy with Chrome, thank you very much."

    that wasn't the point he was making. You're welcome.

  • Can this be installed on top of RC without uninstalling it first?

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