Updates to Editor Enhancements in Visual Studio 2013

Updates to Editor Enhancements in Visual Studio 2013

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In Visual Studio 2013 we have added many new features to the editor. To get a low down on how these features can help enhance productivity checkout our previous post on Visual Studio 2013 New Editor Features as well as What’s new in Visual Studio 2013 – IDE on MSDN.

Today, we want to share updates to these features that you will see in the final product.

Peek Definition (Alt + F12) is now Editable!

In Visual Studio 2013 Preview, we introduced an amazing new feature called “Peek Definition (Alt + F12)” that allowed you to browse definitions of symbols inline in the Editor keeping your context and place in code. We also promised you that we will soon be adding the ability to edit code in-place as well inside the Peek view. With Visual Studio 2013, we are glad to announce that Peek Definition is now fully editable!

The Peek feature is inspired by the Preview Tab feature that we introduced in VS 2012 and with the ability to edit, we wanted to keep the experience consistent. We know that editing is an important operation and thus when you edit a file opened in Peek, we automatically open the file in the Document Tab Well as a real tab. When you dismiss the Peek view, we keep the document open in the tab well with all your changes as well as the undo stack. We did a number of user studies to refine this feature and provide the best, most seamless experience to you as you edit your files inside Peek. We are thrilled with the customer feedback we have received so far in our user studies, and we hope you will love it too!

Editable Peek

NavigateTo (Ctrl + ,) is now Resizable with more contextual details!

In Visual Studio 2013 RTM, you can quickly search and navigate to symbols and files, and see a real time preview while doing so. You can also resize the NavigateTo window both horizontally and vertically as needed to see the results of your search.

Finally, using the options drop down in NavigateTo, you can turn on the 'Show Details' option for an in-panel details view, helping cases where disambiguation is needed.

Navigate To

Please don’t forget to leave your comments below. You can submit your feature requests on User Voice and report bugs on Connect.

image Ala Shiban (@AlaShiban) – Program Manager, Visual Studio Editor
Ala is passionate about people and technology that empowers us. He's been on a PC since the Commodore64 days. Having worked with C, C++, VB, C#, Java, JavaScript and MATLAB, he combines his cross-language and platform insights to continue improving the developer experience on Visual Studio.
image Murali Krishna Hosabettu Kamalesha (@MuraliKamalesha) – Program Manager, Visual Studio Editor
Murali Krishna is a Program Manager with Microsoft and works on the Visual Studio Editor. He has been with Microsoft for over 5 years and has worked on a variety of products built on server-side and client-side technologies. Currently he is building futuristic editing experiences for the best IDE on the planet, Visual Studio.
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  • What is supposed to have focus once NavigateTo window is closed by pressing enter?

  • Is Peek Definition not available in the Express version?  Doesn't work and I don't see it anywhere in the Keyboard mapping options.

  • Hello,

    Peek Definition is a Pro+ feature in Visual Studio 2013.

  • I had no idea about Peek to Definition - this is a very useful feature to keep context in the code while making changes to other parts. Nice.

    The 'Show Details' feature is super hidden, had no idea about it. I'll try it, as I often have files of the same name that require disambiguation.

  • awesome,it's very good.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Look nice to me.

    Here is the point I want to clearify ?

    Vs13 doesn't support MVC3. My MVC 3 project got some issue on intellisense c#. I can't type ViewData through intellisense. Is this feature supported in Express edition.


    Anirudha Gupta "Anirugu"

  • Can you explain some of the decisions of putting such core seeming features behind high paywalls? Peek and CodeLens seem like pretty fundamental features so it's weird you need Premium and Ultimate for them...

  • Awesome!  Love these little productivity improvements. Nice work!

  • can visual studio 2013 include windows phone too ?please, inlcude it..


  • Its great to have Peek in Premium but why not Code Lens in there as well?  Over 2.5K votes over on UserVoice for this feature.  Please provide us with an update so we can start using this great feature without needing to upgrade to Ultimate

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