Visual Studio Updates - Survey

Visual Studio Updates - Survey

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Hi folks.

With Visual Studio 2012 we started the Visual Studio Update program - releasing regular (nearly quarterly) public updates that contained both new features and servicing fixes. To date we’ve released four Updates, and the latest Update for Visual Studio 2012 can be downloaded from the Visual Studio Updates page. To capture the learning from this effort, we invite you to take a survey as a means of sharing with us your experience and perspectives on the Update program. Our data tells us that this program is well-received, and we‘d like to use your feedback to help fine-tune it for future releases.

Thanks in advance for helping us make Visual Studio Updates better!

Phil Lee

Program Manager – The Visual Studio Team

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  • I participated in the survey.  Will the results be published?

  • You need to test more and better if you intend to do these updates more. My experience is to avoid updates now.

  • Will the results  be public, if so when and where ?

  • I think you've done a good job so far. Getting patches out in short order is much more useful, even if you did have a few missteps re XP support in Update 2.

  • Over all I would say that updates to VS are next to impossible to manage anymore.

    Just about everything the VS Development team seems to do now appears to focus on a single issue with little to no thought given to the big picture.

    We currently have updates coming in via Windows Update, VS Update, NuGet, CodePlex and 3rd party products that all have to be controlled so that all team members are using the same versions. Now we add in the VS Online code base that will follow the TFS Service update plan of "update online as soon as the patch is ready and update the on-premise in 6 months or so... if ever" school of thought.

    I see a major train wreck coming for this product and I am preparing a disaster recovery plan for when Microsoft falls flat on their collective faces.

  • !! Help !!  Just loaded Update 4 for VS 2012 - Now, when I do debugging, it says Desktop.pdb not loaded.

    Never seen this error before.  Cannot get past this error.

    I have entered a bug 809629 on the website.

  • I'm still on 2010 at work solely because updates to csproj and dbproj files make upgrading a hassle and don't allow some developers to upgrade and others not to on the same team. Sometimes an upgrade like a visual studio version can take a while for some devs to buy in to.

  • Boa tarde

    Este meu comentário não tem haver como que vocês estão pedindo,

    mas quero aproveitar para colocar uma questão que não consigo resolver:

    Eu tenho o Visual Studio_2012 Ultimate

    mas sempre que faço uma atualização ou actualizo  uma  instalada para mais ressente,

    A BARRA de MENUS Desaparece-se.

    Estou farto de dar voltas e não consigo resolver esta situação

    será que alguém me pode AJUDAR?

  • Now if you could bring back the choice of saving or not on build and run, as an instructor I make comment changes on code that I demomstrate in the class room and may not want to save these changes.

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