Visual Studio Online early adoption period extended!

Visual Studio Online early adoption period extended!

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When we announced Visual Studio Online back in November of 2013 , we wanted to thank all those developers who trusted the service from the beginning—ever since the early Team Foundation Service bits were deployed. That’s why we decided that all of the Visual Studio Online early adopters should enjoy the service without limitation until March 14, 2014.

Well… plans change, and we have good news! We’re extending the early adoption period from March 14th to May 7th, so we can focus on delivering additional updates to Visual Studio Online over the next few months (did you check in your profile to receive info about updates?). We are also taking advantage of this extra time to get more feedback from our early adopter users about their experiences with Visual Studio Online.

Early adopter benefits

Early adoption grants benefits at both the user and account levels. Users have been granted the early adopter user plan, which offers access to the features of the Visual Studio Online Advanced plan or those exclusive to MSDN subscribers. At the account level, early adopter accounts can add as many early adopter user plans as needed, plus cloud Build and cloud Load Testing are completely free.

Transitioning after the early adopter period ends

Once the early adoption period ends, you will need to decide what level of service you will need moving forward. As you may know, there are ongoing free service offerings for every Visual Studio Online account—up to five Visual Studio Online Basic user plans, unlimited MSDN subscribers, 60 build minutes per month, and 15,000 virtual user minutes of Cloud Load Testing.

If these free service offerings are sufficient for your needs, then we have great news for you. You don’t need to do anything to transition your account. When the early adoption period ends, we will automatically assign any available licenses in your account to the users with early adopter user plans. This will include the 5 free basic user plans per account + any available license you’ve purchased but not assigned yet. If you don’t want to wait until the automatic transition, you can do it yourself now.

But, if you need more than the free services offerings, you can simply link your Visual Studio Online account with a Windows Azure subscription, so you can buy additional/upgraded user plans, build minutes, and load testing virtual user minutes, all on a month-to-month basis. (You can also contact your reseller or Microsoft sales teams.)Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Do any users on your account need access to Team Rooms, Agile Portfolio Management, Request & Manage Feedback, or Work Item Chart Authoring? These users will need the Visual Studio Online Advanced user plan or a higher level MSDN subscription (Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN, MSDN Platforms, Visual Studio Premium with MSDN, or Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN).
  2. Which users on your account need access to the Testing features? These users will need a higher-level MSDN subscription, too (same list as above).
  3. For all of the other users on your account, the Basic user plan will be sufficient—you can get these either from the Visual Studio Online Basic user plan or through MSDN subscriptions (all the higher-level subscriptions above, plus Visual Studio Professional with MSDN).
  4. Are you using more than 60 minutes of Build per month? You can see your current month usage on the account dashboard.
  5. How much Load Testing will your team members using Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 need to do? The account dashboard shows your current month usage for Load Testing, too.

We will also be enabling a method for early adopter account administrators to export their data for use in their own Team Foundation Server 2013 update 2. To receive this capability, send email to:  This capability will be available after we release Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 2.  You can read more about data migration in Brian Harry’s blog post.

Is anyone in the VSOnline team a MSDN Subscriber?

Visual Studio Online is a benefit for MSDN subscribers, just make sure that the account owners sets the team members that are MSDN subscribers as ‘Eligible MSDN’ in the VSOnline users hub and that they use the same Microsoft (a.k.a LiveId) account to log in to both MSDN and VSOnline sites.

Assign Licenses

Please note that Visual Studio Online accounts can host unlimited MSDN subscribers for free, and higher MSDN subscribers have access to the full feature set (Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN, MSDN Platforms, Visual Studio Premium with MSDN, or Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN).

What if…?

Worst case scenario, let’s say the early adoption period ends, and you have more than five early adopter user plans and/or you consume metered services beyond the free threshold. There’s no need to worry. Here’s what will happen after May 7th:

  • If the 5 free Basic user plans are not assigned by May 7, 2014, we will convert up to 5 early adopter user plans to the free Basic user plans upon the next user sign in. Any remaining users with an Early Adopter user plan will be blocked until the account owner, or an administrator, assigns a valid user plan.
  • These users will only have access to Basic user plan features (not the additional features available under the Early Adopter user plan).
  • Any user without a valid user plan will be blocked until the account owner assigns a valid user plan (or MSDN subscription) or removes another user from the account (to free up a user plan). The account owner will see a message regarding the blocked users in the User hub, and the user will see a warning when he or she tries to log in to the account.
  • Build minutes and virtual minutes of load testing will be limited. The account won’t be able to exceed the free-service level thresholds.

Remember that at any time you can link the VSOnline account to a Windows Azure subscription and add/remove user plans and unblock the metered services usage.

Questions & comments

Please do not hesitate to ask us any question about early adopter benefits or transitioning after the early adoption period ends. We are actively monitoring the following channels to support you: VSOnline forum,comments on this post or via the #VSOnline hashtag on Twitter.


Visual Studio Online Team

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  • PLease consider fixing this annoying bug:

    When search in a big website project, opened from remote server (over the internet), it naturally take quite sometime searching through each file. But there is NO way to ABORT the entire operation.. ESC only skips the current file.

    Please provide a new shortcut "Shift+Esc" to stop the search operation altogether.


  • how it works? I activated the preview, but I haven't found any change in my or azure account, so I stopped to look at this preview a long time ago.

  • Hi Luca!

    in you can find a getting started section with all the info if you want to give it another try =)


    David Salgado

  • awesome news!! Thanks Guys!

  • I'm not sure how this works because I'm already paying for vs online on a pay-as-you-go.

  • Hi Nik

    This only affects to the account owners that were granted the early adopter status, so you may not be affected :)

    Send me an email to davidsb ( microsoft * com ) if you have any question

    David Salgado

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  • For some reason one of my accounts is accruing build minutes but we're doing our own builds. Does running TF build locally somehow incur service build minutes?

  • MJ please send me an email to davidsb Microsoft com, let't see what could be happening

  • MJ Miller, However, check your account, log in and check in the right side of your dashboard, you'll see the build and cloud load test minutes. That's the live information.

  • I can not access my existing developer account.  mgp5 because I do not know the email associated with it.  I no longer have the nhti or ccsnh email.  I now have  How do I reset the password and reactivate this account?

    Second, Do I have a developer account associated with the email. If you could either email me or post an answer I would appreciate it.  Thank you!

  • Hi Marie

    Could you repost this question as-is in the Visual Studio Online forum? I am thinking in several options for your, but most of them are through talking to support (we can't check your email because it's part of your private data)

    We've experts in the forums that might have a better approach =)


  • Is anyone else confused by this process? I have an Windows Live account that is linked to my MSDN Ultimate account subscription, my Visual Studio account and my Windows Azure account, but I can't link them? I don't understand why I have to link anything. Shouldn't it all be part of my Windows Live account?

    Then when I try to link my Visual Studio account, the Windows Azure part says that I need to create a new Windows Azure account (not sure what is wrong with the one I have) or to create a NEW visual studio account (but this doesn't help me with the one I have?)

    I've found this whole process confusing, when I feel like my Windows Live Account/MSDN account should have just automatically rolled my Visual Studio Account from an early adopter to MSDN account.

    Please help.

    thank you,

    Sam Smith

  • all i have to say thank you very much, and i love my work here

  • Hi SamSmithnz

    There is an scenario where is not possible to link these (yet). We are working to enable it as soon as we can.

    As of today is not possible to use monthly credits to purchase VSOnline services (we hope to be able to enable it soon), that's why today you can not link a Visual Studio Online account with a Windows Azure subscription created from an MSDN benefit.

    We mention it in this guide about linking MSDN and VSOnline

    While we fix this experience, the proposed workaround is to create another Windows Azure subscription under the same account and link this second subscription to VSOnline.

    Apologies for the inconvenience

    David Salgado

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