The Release Candidate for Visual Studio 2013 Update 2

The Release Candidate for Visual Studio 2013 Update 2

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Release candidate of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 is now available to download. This update supports TFS 2013 Update 2 RTM as well as the Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows Phone 8.1 platform releases announced yesterday. Checkout Somasegar’s blog where he talks about these new releases, the .NET Native preview release, TypeScript 1.0 and more. Brian Harry’s post has highlights of what’s new in the TFS 2013 Update 2 RTM release. To learn more about the Windows updates checkout the Windows Blogs. If you missed watching the keynotes at BUILD you can catch the recordings of the keynotes and other sessions on Channel 9.

TypeScript had its first official birthday yesterday and is included in the Visual Studio 2013 Update 2. The TypeScript language is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. As a typed language you can define classes, modules and interfaces that compiles to JavaScript and runs in any browser. You can also take advantage of the capabilities you have come to expect from your development environment like statement completion, code refactoring, code navigation and more. To learn more check out

With this release you can now build universal apps that take advantage of the increasing platform convergence between Windows and Windows Phone. Universal apps can run on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 while sharing code and assets through shared projects. You can choose a universal app template to start creating a new app or you can add windows Phone 8.1 support to your existing Windows 8.1 app using shared projects. Keep an eye on the blog for more posts on universal projects and other features in Visual Studio for building Windows and Windows Phone apps. In the meantime, here’s an MSDN article to whet your appetite.

If you don’t have Visual Studio 2013 yet, we have a single download that will get you Visual Studio 2013 RTM and all the features in Update 2. Normally our updates are cumulative patches for the RTM version of Visual Studio that would require you to first install Visual Studio and then the update. Based on user feedback to get the latest tools quickly, we have a single install that includes Visual Studio 2013 RTM and all the features in Update 2. Click one of the links below to install Visual Studio 2013 RTM with Update 2 RC.

For details about the changes and bug fixes included in this update checkout the KB article, and for a quick view at features checkout This is an RC so we are still putting the finishing touches on the update. If you find bugs log them at Microsoft Connect and keep the feedback coming.


The Visual Studio Team

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  • I need a ISO! So please give me a Download Link for the Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC ISO.

  • Hello! Is someone here! I need a ISO! Don't make me wait.

  • @ WinMetro

    As we’ve done with previous Update releases, we will be providing an ISO for the RTM version of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2. ISOs are not available for RC releases of Updates.

  • Installed RC2 on my Win7 box, completely hosed my PC.  Deleted %windir%, nothing runs, rebooted (like a dummy) and now can't RDP in to see what's going on.

    Rather than an ISO, I'd like a version that works.

  • More detail.  Install of VS2013 RC 2 broke VS2012, Platform Builder doesn't work in VS2013 nor does it work in VS2012 (can't even start 2012).

  • @Steve - I'd like to help you and also understand what happened to make sure it doesn't happen to others. At this point, are you able to log into your machine? Your first comment implies "no" but your second one sounds like you can at least log in and use the machine, even if you can't use VS properly.

    If you can log in, could you please run our setup log collection tool by running the executable hosted here: That should bring down a file named Collect.exe which will look for setup-related information and package it all up in a single CAB file (%temp%\ From that file, I might be able to better understand what happened on your machine.

    If you ping me privately [my id is "eric.knox" followed by at], I can work out a way to share that file via my OneDrive, DropBox or by filing a bug and using our bug-reporting tools to host that file. Then I'll be able to look at that file and figure out what the right next-step diagnostics should be.

  • Please create the ISO ASAP.  Again I find myself getting numerous "hash value is not correct" errors from the installer on nearly every package it tries to install/update, just like I did with Update 1.  The only fix that worked was getting the ISO:

    I need Update 2 for Google OAuth work as per your tutorial document:

    "Warning: You must install Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC or higher to use Google OAuth 2 and to debug locally without SSL warnings."



  • I cannot install the update.  It fails with "Build -x86 The hash value is not correct"

  • Hi all,

    I dont know if this can help you but, you can launch the installer from command prompt whit /layout option.

    In this case, the installer do a download of all files nedded to install after in an offline way.

    Regards, JP.

  • I tried installing Visual Studio Express 2103 Update 2 RC. Install was unsuccessful. Was the setup tested in the lab before released.

  • It's clear there will not be an ISO of the RC.  Is there a way to download the component parts of Update 2 RC so that I can install it on computers that cannot download it directly?

  • Like everyone else I get a pile of "Hash is not correct" warnings and errors.  The one that halts things seems to be for LightSwitch SDK, which I don't think I installed.  Do I need to install LightSwitch to get Update 2? Sigh....

  • Give me the link of ****** iso file of this update...

  • Hi vs

    I need vs 2013 update 2 download size

    when I download 2mb setup and run it it want's to download and install vs 2013 update 2 but how much does it size want's to download

    I installed vs 2013 ultimate  with update 1 right now and I just want to know the size of update 2

    please help me by tell me how much the size of vs 2013 update 2 , just update 2 size


    regards :


  • @John Palmer - You can download the Web installer and launch it from the command line with the "/layout" switch (ex : "VS2013.2 RC.exe /layout"). It will ask you for a download location. You can then copy the downloaded files on another machine and launch the exe file.

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