Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 is here!

Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 is here!

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We’re excited to share that the final release of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 is ready to download. If you are already using Visual Studio 2013 then you’ll soon have a notification waiting for you in the notification hub to start the download and install Update 2 for Visual Studio 2013. If you haven’t started using Visual Studio 2013 you can get all the new capabilities and fixes with a single install that includes Visual Studio 2013 RTM and all the features in Update 2. We also have Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 available as an ISO.To find all the latest downloads for Visual Studio go to

Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 has many new capabilities as well as fixes that address bugs, customer feedback, performance, and reliability improvements. Here are some new capabilities that are part of this and related Updates and links to where you can find more info.

  • Universal Apps. With this release you can now build universal apps that can run on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 while sharing code and assets through shared projects.
  • TypeScript. The TypeScript language is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. As a typed language you can define classes, modules and interfaces that compiles to JavaScript and runs in any browser.
  • Web Tool. Our web development tools have many new features like SCSS support, a new JSON editor, updated ASP.NET templates, and an improved URL picker.
  • Azure tools. It’s easier to take advantage of Azure with options to create websites and SQL Azure databases directly on Azure for simpler deployment to a development / testing environment.
  • Diagnostics. Our diagnostics tools also got some enhancements. Performance events now let you navigate to user code for MVC Methods or jump to the SQL command for database queries. It is also possible to view the Windows Store diagnostics tools at the same time to see all your diagnostics information on a shared timeline.
  • Slipstream install. You can download Visual Studio with all its latest features from one install that includes Visual Studio 2013 RTM and Update 2 for Visual Studio.

There are a number of other important updates that are available today in addition to Update 2 for Visual Studio 2013:

  • Apache Cordova and Visual Studio. Cordova tools in Visual Studio let web developers build cross-platform mobile applications targeting Android, iOS, Windows and Windows Phone using use their existing skills in HTML and JavaScript. To learn more about Apache Cordova visit
  • A cloud optimized .NET. The latest updates to the framework provide a cloud optimized mode that is smaller, lighter weight, and designed for cloud and server workloads.
  • .Net vNext. This update to the .Net framework is optimized for cloud-first and mobile-first development. It enables you to compile C# 6 and VB code with Roslyn compilers, speed up Windows Store apps with the .NET Native ahead of time compiler, and has a cloud optimized mode for ASP.NET apps.
  • TFS 2013 Update 2. It’s worth mentioning again the updates in TFS 2013 like improvements for tagging, charting, shared parameters, cloud load testing application analytics, and a lot more.

Check out Somasegar’s Blog and Brian Harry’s Blog to get more details on some of the highlights in this release. For a quick view at all the features and fixes included in this update go to the KB article.

Many of the great features in this update come from your feedback. Thank you for sharing these suggestions, thoughts and ideas with us on our UserVoice site and through the thousands of J, and L, you sent us right from the IDE. If you encounter a bug please report it through the Visual Studio Connect site.


Anthony Cangialosi – Lead Senior Program Manager, Visual Studio Platform Team

Anthony Cangialosi is a lead program manager for the Visual Studio platform team which works on the core features that all teams in Visual Studio build on and all developers use. Anthony joined the Visual Studio team in 2001 and has worked on a variety of areas including mobile device development the Visual Studio SDK, the Visual Studio Ecosystem, and the shell.

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  • Very nice.Thanks.

  • Is there a download link? The link in the first line of the article seems to be for the full VS 2013 Ultimate installer.

  • The download link is now fixed

  • How do I update from RC. Do I need to uninstall RC first and then install update 2 RTM?

  • VB.NET support for universal apps?

  • Shame that the download link doesn't work with safari on iPad, cos it would be good to read the documentation presented in the PDF... But, you never gets that far; tweet or email cos mobile is not supported.

    Shame really, it being pushed as a multi platform solution ( iOS and android )....

    Will just have to download at me desk then mail it to myself on me iPad, then add it to iBooks and final get to read the Cordova Tools help file.

  • Which took that long to do ;-)

  • This is very great. We are happy for the update. Guys!, lets get right in while we awaits the vNext. Great job .net Team

  • @ chase  - If you have Update 2 RC installed, the RTM version installs on top of it, no uninstall required.

  • When complete this update will use 6580 MB ???


    Why is not possible to select which parts of update to install?

  • Hi Cavan Watson,

    The download links should work on Safari too. Could you clarify what it is you are trying to open? Is it the Cordova download page or

  • @ Cavan Watson -- This is the direct link to the PDF. Does this work for you on Safari for iPad?

    Getting Started Guide for Multi-Device Hybrid Apps for Visual Studio CTP:


  • What version of the Azure Tools does this install? Is it just an update to 2.3, or a whole new version? It can be impactful to update your Azure Tools if you're doing Azure work; is there no way to update to Update 2 without the Azure bits?

  • Our team has 40+ large c# and systems in different life cycle stages.  We've paid the large cost to migrate many of them from VS 2010 to 2012 over the last year.  Will VS 2012 updates be coming in the near future?   It's important to us since we do not and cannot get budget to update all of our large application code base to the newest VS version every 1.5 years.

    In migrating each system, we remove, if at all possible, second run MS technologies, third party libraries, custom controls and obsolete, hard to hire developers for, skills like COM.  It's to not be stuck with $1+ million dollars development in an unsupported technology like Silverlight which had a 3 year lifespan from v2 with forms controls to end of life announcement with v5.

  • Just curious to know what development tools (IDE)/languages (C, C++) used to build Visual Studio?

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