Visual Studio “14” CTP now available

Visual Studio “14” CTP now available

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Today we released Visual Studio “14” CTP, an early preview of the next version of Visual Studio. You can find the Visual Studio and .NET release announcements on Soma's blog. We’re pretty early on in development, but wanted to start to show some of the new features we’re thinking about and get feedback. To get started, downloadthe CTP (also available on MSDN subscriber downloads). Alternatively, save some time and use the provided VM in Azure.

This Visual Studio “14” CTP brings together several new technologies that we recently announced including:

  • The .NET Compiler Platform, also known as “Roslyn,” which includes the upcoming version of our managed compilers for C# and VB as well as an API that enables developers to integrate with the VS compiler and language service more easily than they can today. You can read more about the .NET Compiler Platform on the C# and VB team blogs.
  • Updates to the Visual C++ Standard Library, added utility functions, manipulators, functions, and several bug fixes that will improve productivity. To learn more about all the changes visit the C++ team blog.
  • Tooling for ASP.NET vNext. ASP.NET vNext is a lean and composable .NET stack for building modern web applications for both cloud and on premises servers. For more information about ASP.NET vNext go to ASP.NET vNext website and check out the ASP.NET team blog.

You can find a complete list of new features in the Visual Studio “14” CTP knowledge base article.

This preview is very early and is not meant for production environments. You should install the CTP on a test environment, such as a VM or clean machine. Please make sure that there are no earlier versions of Visual Studio on the machine to avoid known side by side issues. This KB article has a list of the known issues and installation requirements.

As always, please give us feedback. Report bugs using Connect and share your suggestions through Send-a-Smile from within the IDE or on our UserVoice site.


John Montgomery, Director of Program Management, Visual Studio Platform

John has been at Microsoft for 15 years, working in developer technologies the whole time. Most recently before working on the Visual Studio core development environment, he was working on the tools for Windows 8 development

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  • Impossible to install. Requires IE 10.

  • Hm what purpose does the drop down top left in the editor have? It seems to show the current project, but if you add a second project to the same solution, it still only allows you to select the current project.

  • @ Javier

    Hi Javier, Sorry you are running into install issues. Are you attempting to install Visual Studio 2013 or Visual Studio "14" CTP? Could you share the link from where you downloaded the installation image?

    Radhika Tadinada

    Program Manager

    Visual Studio Platform

  • Hi @flöle

    The drop down in the top left of the editor you are referring to, which is part of the Navigation Bar, is called the Editor Context Switcher.

    It was introduced as part of support for Universal Apps in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 (see for more details, under the heading  “Context Switcher in the editor”) . While writing code in a Shared project, you can use the project context switcher in the navigation bar to select the platform you are actively targeting, which in turn drives the Intellisense experience in the code editor. The same applies for editing linked files. For files which are neither linked nor shared, the context switcher is read-only and shows the project in which the file being edited is parented.


    Mark Wilson-Thomas

    Program Manager, Visual Studio Editor Team

  • Thanks for the info. I noticed another thing that bothers me: The refactoring options allow you to remove all unncessary "this." prefixes. However, it does not offer adding all missing "this." prefixes, even though I believe it is a common convention to enforce the use of "this." whereever appropriate.

  • With the way things are going with Windows and the stupid Metro/Modern/Store craplets,

    and universal apps that  don't work on anything but the failed Windose 8 platform. VS is becoming less and less relevant , I been holding out hope that with the departure of Sinoffski/Ballmer that microsoft would get back to make things customers actually want. yet instead we get Mobile first/Cloud first, more ugly UI. everyone I know hates the look of VS since 2012, did customers ask for the new crap look? no we did'nt!, is it so no one will care when you drop WPF in favor of HTML5 ?

    Does anyone look at the apps in the store?, MS Dev evangelist told my .net user group that it would be curated. the low quality of the apps is staggering, does anyone @MS even care?, Mobile first ?, windows phone has < 4% after 3 incompatible different versions with different development requirements its been a disaster for the developers who trusted MS and took a chance on a new platform,how about the backstabbed WPF/Silverlight Devs?,Cloud first, ASP.NEXT, what large sites are on Azure using ASP.Net? what good is Roslyn if the target platform is Windows 8?

    Mobile first/Cloud first? , how about paying customers first?

    WPF can do touch/High DPI better the HTML5 Canvas based Modern garbage ( misuse of the word Modern since its just wrapper for COM base crap, marketing word), yet you guys plod forward with the blinders on, ignoring any critical thinking and will answer basic tech support questions and respond to valid concerns with silence! so we stick with VS2010 until something batter comes along,

    I just wonder if that something better will come from Microsoft or somewhere else?

    Now cue the shill we the "bring back VB6" or "installation problem please help" so you can ignore this post!

    on second thought don't bother , there are so few paying any attenion it doesn't  really matter anymore.

  • @MadWPFDev,

    Yes, i am disappointed with the lack of attention to the WPF platform, Yes my team has been caught off guard by the accelerated pace of VS releases, Yes most attention is going into the mobile and web efforts but really, thats the world that we live in now. I love developing .NET/WPF applications but if they don't run at least partially on mobile/web platforms then our clients will seek out other solutions. End of story.

    You lash out at the highest levels of MS executive leadership, but voice your thoughts on a dev blog. What exactly do you expect to come from this nonsense except to furrow John's eyebrows?

  • @MadWPFDev: it's hard to take you seriously when you're still going on about the look of VS two years after the redesign. I've worked with dozens of developers since 2012 RTM hit and I don't know a single one who gets this worked up - it's only the very vocal and very tiny minority of blog-ranting cranks like you who actually care. (And for my money, VS2012+ looks much cleaner than VS2010, which is a bit of an eyesore when I have to use it now.)

    Stick with 2010... you're only hurting yourself. As far as cloud first / mobile first is concerned - keep bringing it on, Microsoft.

  • I deselected Blend Windows Phone and everything except C++ and Web in VS2014 installer list.

    It is still installing everything I selected...!!!

    The guys who developed Visual Studio IDE can't get the check box logic straight? WTF!!!!!!

  • *It is installing everything regardless of the selection...

  • @Microsoft, besides "VM in Azure", next time can you guys create a VM with CTP version installed, so people can just download and test it out right off the bat? Or better create a Vagrant "box" file (and so we can use CLI to launch VM! Since Microsoft OpenTech has worked with them to bring Hyper-V support Many folks would appreciate it! Thank you!

    Vagrant is really snappier and easier way to manage multiple development environment on single terminal (its comparable to "Chef").

  • @MadWPFDev, those are just a whole bunch of lies.

    Windows Phone adoption being less than 4% stats are true for US (which are getting better as the days pass). In rest of the world its adoption is far much better: South America, Australia, Europe and Asia (the continent which has 52 countries, not your run-of-the-mill US definition of Asia!)

    Windows Phone 7 was build on CE core like Windows Mobile and since v8 it was rebuild on NT core and it will keep coming on NT core onward.

    VS' adoption is same and even getting better since Express version are coming with great deal of stuff. For instance in Update 2 Express for Web, they have added support for Web Essentials extension and people are loving it. See twitter, your beloved Google folks are even using it!

    VB6 is a myth, get over it. C++11 and C++14 are making their way to VS. See VC blog to figure out what kind of tremendous work VC team is doing in standard template library.

    Your claims are outdated. Maybe you don't belong on MSFT developer network. Maybe you don't belong in this era, if you thing HTML5 is not a future! Do you have any idea what HTML5 is capable of? Its certainly more than WPF.

    Go and get a life. If you hate MSFT stack so much, opt for something else; Java, Python, Ruby. Maybe those platform would give you some relieve. But don't take it so hard on yourself.


  • Thank you for the feedback.

    We are actively making changes to the granularity of which you can install items, your feedback is valuable and appreciated as we will use the input in the design process.  Currently not all items are installed in all cases but most are as the installer attempts to ensure you have all the dependent components necessary to make Visual Studio functional.  We are working to strike the right balance between having fine grained control of exactly what is installed and enabling end to end scenarios that require numerous dependent components.  We are working on making it clearer what installed components correspond to the selectable items in setup.

    Pat Litherland

    Program Manager, Visual Studio Team

  • @ Peter

    Thanks for the feedback. The VMs available in Azure already have the CTP installed.

  • With everything moving to touch and voice will the next version of visual studio support these features?

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