Update 3 Release Candidate for Visual Studio 2013

Update 3 Release Candidate for Visual Studio 2013

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Today we’re announcing the Release Candidate for Visual Studio 2013 Update 3, which is now available for download; direct links for these downloads are at the bottom of this post. You can read more about the announcement on Brian Harry’s blog, this Channel 9 video, and on the Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RC release notes. As with all VS updates, Update 3 offers new features as well as reliability fixes and bug fixes, with a particular focus on three areas: support for multi-device development with Apache Cordova™, improvements to our diagnostics experience, and general improvements to the user experience including a new setting that enables you to turn off the ALL CAPS menus – something many users have asked for.

Here’s some more information about the new features:

  • Application Insights. Application Insights, Microsoft’s service for monitoring production web sites and Windows Store and Phone apps, is now included in this update. Key enhancements in this release include polish to the account setup experience to create accounts directly in Azure without requiring a Visual Studio Online account as well as other enhancements from the Preview we published to the Visual Studio Gallery.
  • Visual Studio Graphics Analyzer. Diagnosing DirectX rendering and performance issues is tricky and the Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics features help. In Update 3, we have enhanced the Graphics Analyzer to analyze graphics frames and to view the impact of shader code changes without re-running the app. You can easily configure capture options in Tools Options under Graphics Diagnostics.

  • Managed memory dump analysis. When analyzing managed memory dump files, you can now Go to Definition and Find All References of the selected type. To learn more, check out the blog post on .NET Memory Analysis.

Managed Memory

  • CPU and Memory Usage tool. The CPU Usage tool in the Performance and Diagnostics hub now enables you to navigate from a function name in the Call Tree to the definition of that function in the editor so that you can easily see the code that is using CPU in your application. We have also made improvements to the Memory Usage tool such as support for Win32 and WPF applications (.NET 4.0 and up on Windows 8.1) and the ability to force garbage collections in managed apps. CPU Usage Tool

  • Multi-Monitor configuration with Windows Store App. When debugging a Windows Store app with a multi-monitor configuration, Visual Studio now remembers which monitor your app was last run on. Here are some images to describe this experience.

  • CodeLens. CodeLens, an editor productivity feature available in Visual Studio Ultimate, is now available to show authors and changes to files in Git repositories. If you use Git for source control and TFS for work item tracking, CodeLens work item indicators now provide information about work items associated with a method, or class.

  • ALL CAPS. The change in our menus to use all capital letters was one of the areas about which we received a lot of feedback, so a while ago we added a registry key that disabled the ALL CAPS menus in Visual Studio 2012. To make the setting more discoverable and to enable it to remain set as you upgrade across Visual Studio versions, we have now added a Tools Options setting under the general Environment settings that lets you set your preferred menu bar styling. We also roam this setting so it’s available on all your devices.

You can learn more by reading the release notes and KB article, and then download the Update 3 RC bits on the download center. You can also install an integrated package of Visual Studio 2013 RTM and Update 3 RC for six Visual Studio products:

NOTE: After installing Visual Studio Update 3, you must install Multi-Device Hybrid Apps CTP 2.0 available later this month. Previous CTP releases are incompatible with this update.

Many of the features and bug fixes in this release come from your feedback. Thank you for sharing these suggestions, thoughts and ideas with us on our UserVoice site and through the thousands of Send-a-Smile and Send-a-Frown actions you sent us from inside the IDE. If you find a bug please send it to us the Visual Studio Connect site.


John Montgomery, Director of Program Management, Visual Studio Platform

John has been at Microsoft for 15 years, working in developer technologies the whole time. Most recently before working on the Visual Studio core development environment, he was working on the tools for Windows 8 development.

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  • The VS2013 CRT links to GetLogicalProcessorInformation, which is not available on XP SP2. The function is actually used in a few different places. In most cases this uses dynamic linking (i.e. LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress) to support XP SP2 as well. However, probably due to an oversight, the concurrency runtime component does not use dynamic linking for this particular function. That means that loading the CRT will fail even if the concurrency runtime isn't used.

    Please please please consider fixing this in the RTM for Update 3. It is a trivial change and would benefit many.

    Thank you!

    (And yes, many of our customers are still on XP SP2....)


  • @Max



    Seriously though, code lens and the memory tooling is going to be useful immediately.

  • Is Application Insights going to be a separately-paid product or will it be something that comes as part of VS Online or MSDN Subscriptions?

  • Looks like standalone updater is unable to download "TFSObjectModel-x64.msi" and stuck on downloading that component.

  • Regarding XP support, we only support targeting the latest XP SP (3). Hope upgrading to the latest SP is not a major blocking issue.



  • @XP, For more info about the rational of our XP support level, please see the below link that includes more details:


    Happy to chat with you directly about the above, feel free to reach out my way via "aymans at  microsoft dot com"

    Thanks in advance for your understanding!


  • Since VS is the primary tool for a Windows developer, wouldn't it be cool to have a 64 bit version? It's 2014 now and I doubt that you are able to buy a 32 bit computer at all. A crashing VS that uses 2 GB of memory from a total of 16 GB kind of sucks...

  • Thanks for making disabling all-caps menus an official option and /d2Zi+ a supported VC compiler flag! Whatever that means - Will it be documented on MSDN library? Will there be an option for it in the project settings dialog?

  • I am going to make some hybrid apps soon.  Hope the tooling is as good as promised :).

  • When fix the ugly user interface, icons, all caps, setup & deployment, etc?

  • @Jan

    Great to hear you are excited about Application Insights! We are currently planning that Application Insights will be available as a separate product. No decision has been made about pricing or whether it may also  be included as part of other Microsoft offerings

  • Hi ismail, sorry you’re having issues installing the update.  We have verified the files have propagated in all of our geo-located servers.  The issue your reporting is likely to an interrupted internet connection during setup.  If you have retried the install and still are not having success please reach out to me directly and I will respond with detailed steps to trouble shoot the issue.  You can reach me at “patlit at Microsoft dot com”

    Pat Litherland

  • Where is the support for Xbox One?

    Terry Myerson pointed it at build 2014 but I haven't seen it yet.

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