Visual Studio “14” CTP 2 Available

Visual Studio “14” CTP 2 Available

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Today we released CTP 2 of Visual Studio “14,” which is the codename for the next version of Visual Studio. To get started, you can download the bits (also available on MSDN subscriber downloads), or use the VM in Azure we’re making available (see the note below). In addition to the new features we added in CTP 1, this CTP also includes:

  • Save and Apply Custom IDE Layouts. You can now save and apply custom layouts for tool windows in the IDE. The Save Window Layout and Apply Window Layout commands are under the Window Menu and you can also rename, reorder, and delete layouts from Manage Window Layouts.
  • Light Bulb Editor Adornment. Light Bulbs are an extensible editor adornment to identify and help you fix issues in your code. To use them, place the caret on a line with an issue or hover over an issue and you’ll see a light bulb that lists actions you can take to resolve the problem and even a preview of proposed solutions.
  • Editor Touch Support. The Visual Studio Editor now supports touch gestures for scrolling, pinch-to-zoom, tap-and-hold for context menus, double-tap for word selection, and line selection by tapping in the margin.
  • VC++ Property Pages and Editor Enhancements. We updated the Configuration and Platform dropdown values for VC++ Property Page dialog to remember the last user selection when the dialog is closed. We also added Move Function Definition (move the body of a function definition to source or header/in-class definition) and Implement Pure Virtuals (quickly create definitions for a class that inherits constructs ([abstract] class, struct, etc.) containing pure virtuals). We also updated Create Declaration/Definition to include Code Peek and improved Find in Files to enable subsequent results to be appended to previous results ("append mode"). Checkout the VC Blog for details on these enhancements.
  • ALL CAPS. Last week with the RC for Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 we added an option to sentence case menus; in this VS “14” CTP we changed Menu Bar styling to Title Case for everyone to help us get feedback on the change. We’ll use the feedback we get to help determine if we keep it as it is in this preview, make it an option under the Tools/Options menu, or take some other path.

You can find a complete list of new features in the Visual Studio “14” CTP knowledge base article.

Note: We intend this preview to be used for testing and feedback purposes. It’s not meant for production environments. Please install the CTP on a test environment, such as a clean VM or clean machine, and not on a primary-use machine.

We’re looking forward to your feedback on the CTP. As always, please post your suggestions on UserVoice and any bugs you find on our Connect site.




John Montgomery, Director of Program Management, Visual Studio Platform

John has been at Microsoft for 15 years, working in developer technologies the whole time. Most recently before working on the Visual Studio core development environment, he was working on the tools for Windows 8 development.

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  • well done!!  KEEP up the agile releases!!

  • @ Fusion777

    Thanks for your continuing interest in Dev "14" CTPs.

    Yes, upgrade from Dev "14" CTP1 to Dev "14" CTP2 should work.

    If you find something does not, please file a bug on Connect @

    Robert Flaming

    Program Manager - Visual Studio Team

  • @Ayman, thanks for the explanation!

    Works great so far for a CTP, some annoying bugs of CTP1 have been fixed.

  • Ah, finally someone thinks of those of us running visual studio on our smartphones, and we finally have a touch interface.

  • Good to see some touch support. How well will VS 14 work on the Surface 3? Has any effort gone into targeting that platform as a laptop replacement for developers?

  • I kinda liked the CAPS in menus.

  • I like the All-Caps-Menu...i hope they keep it at least as an option

  • @drd: Hi, we are looking into the setup issue you mentioned. In order to perfectly repro what you've seen, could you help us to understand why you want to create symbol links to install VS? Is what you described exact what you did when seeing the issue? If not, could you share the detailed steps of what you did?


    Xiaoying Guo

    Program Manager, Microsoft Visual Studio Cloud Business Apps Team

  • Good to see another CTP release, just regret to see that there is not an improved C++ compiler, stll have a lot of problems with our C++11 code

  • Re: Light Bulb Editor Adornment

    Any conflict/s with ReSharper?

  • @Johnny Wilemsen:

    We didn't ship any C++ language features in this CTP, but this is because we front-loaded many of them into CTP 1 ( We have improved the compiler in this CTP by fixing bugs and stabilizing new features. We will also ship more features in future CTPs.

  • Great stuff, guys! Nice to see, that you increase performance of your development, release more often and with more cool features! Visual Studio 14 CTP1 looks great, you have done a lot! So I am excited to see CTP2 and looking forward to next releases! Thx for all that work!

  • Makefile projects in the 2014 CTP 2 seem to have a number of problems:

    1) "Value can not be null" error when switching to v100 toolset in a makefile project

    - create a new makefile project in 2014 CTP2

    - in the properties, change the platform toolset to v100

    - error dialog appears

    2) VS2010 makefile projects cannot be edited and do not work

    - the projects appear to load, and are shown as from "Visual Studio 2010"

    - the properties are empty

    - compilation doesn't work ("The target "Build" does not exist in the project")

    3) Properties that don't apply to makefile projects are shown in the properties UI

    - create a new makefile project in 2014 CTP2

    - view the properties

    - note that many options like "Use of MFC", "Whole Program Optimization", "Windows Store App Support" and several others are shown

  • It's funny to hear about any C++ involvement in development. Didn't it show that big programs become unpredictable falling mess when they're written on C++? I thought for 10 years of .NET _everything_ in MS will be written on C#! At least because it will be MANAGED thing with good, predictable language. And at last we can say goodbye to the rubbish like (d)COM.

  • ALL CAPS. An option to sentence case menus

    Thank you GOD for making them going forwards not backwards!

    lets wait another 2 years now to make visual studio colorful again!

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