Visual Studio “14” CTP 2 Available

Visual Studio “14” CTP 2 Available

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Today we released CTP 2 of Visual Studio “14,” which is the codename for the next version of Visual Studio. To get started, you can download the bits (also available on MSDN subscriber downloads), or use the VM in Azure we’re making available (see the note below). In addition to the new features we added in CTP 1, this CTP also includes:

  • Save and Apply Custom IDE Layouts. You can now save and apply custom layouts for tool windows in the IDE. The Save Window Layout and Apply Window Layout commands are under the Window Menu and you can also rename, reorder, and delete layouts from Manage Window Layouts.
  • Light Bulb Editor Adornment. Light Bulbs are an extensible editor adornment to identify and help you fix issues in your code. To use them, place the caret on a line with an issue or hover over an issue and you’ll see a light bulb that lists actions you can take to resolve the problem and even a preview of proposed solutions.
  • Editor Touch Support. The Visual Studio Editor now supports touch gestures for scrolling, pinch-to-zoom, tap-and-hold for context menus, double-tap for word selection, and line selection by tapping in the margin.
  • VC++ Property Pages and Editor Enhancements. We updated the Configuration and Platform dropdown values for VC++ Property Page dialog to remember the last user selection when the dialog is closed. We also added Move Function Definition (move the body of a function definition to source or header/in-class definition) and Implement Pure Virtuals (quickly create definitions for a class that inherits constructs ([abstract] class, struct, etc.) containing pure virtuals). We also updated Create Declaration/Definition to include Code Peek and improved Find in Files to enable subsequent results to be appended to previous results ("append mode"). Checkout the VC Blog for details on these enhancements.
  • ALL CAPS. Last week with the RC for Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 we added an option to sentence case menus; in this VS “14” CTP we changed Menu Bar styling to Title Case for everyone to help us get feedback on the change. We’ll use the feedback we get to help determine if we keep it as it is in this preview, make it an option under the Tools/Options menu, or take some other path.

You can find a complete list of new features in the Visual Studio “14” CTP knowledge base article.

Note: We intend this preview to be used for testing and feedback purposes. It’s not meant for production environments. Please install the CTP on a test environment, such as a clean VM or clean machine, and not on a primary-use machine.

We’re looking forward to your feedback on the CTP. As always, please post your suggestions on UserVoice and any bugs you find on our Connect site.




John Montgomery, Director of Program Management, Visual Studio Platform

John has been at Microsoft for 15 years, working in developer technologies the whole time. Most recently before working on the Visual Studio core development environment, he was working on the tools for Windows 8 development.

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  • PART II:

    Continuing with Windows Mobile (not Windows Phone), I have and Outlook mobile to Sync emails, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with Exchange Server. Now with Windows Phone only sync emails and contacts. Calendar in later versions. Also the lack of features in the email, contacts, calendar apps than the features in Windows Mobile make this apps unsuable. Email app, also in Windows 8.0, has less features than Microsoft Mail & News program for Windows 3.1. This is incomprehensible.

    With Windows Mobile options: I personalized my interface, my clocks, my widgets, etc. That’s imposible with Windows Phone. Also for me, and mayority of people that I talk about, the user interface in Windows Phone is ugly. Very ugly. I dont want an ugly user interface in my own device without any option to customize it. Yes, has no option to customize it. Changing colors or the size of the tiles is not customizing options.

    With Windows Mobile, I have thousand of apps: AgendaOne, AgendaFusion, SPB Shell, SPB Time, Pocket Informant, pTasks, TomTom, Coreplayer, etc. None of this are compatible with Windows Phone, my money to the trash.

    With Windows Mobile i develop own software without any payment store, simply compiling and installing in my smartphone. I also have some technology like Compact .NET, Compact SQL, etc. that are not available on Windows Phone.

    With Windows Mobile i have also a feature with an app like Forwarded Call notifications, feature not available today on Windows Phone, Android or iPhone. Its curious to see that today have fewer features than five years ago.

    The lack of features, apps, personalization and customization made me migrate to Android.

    Microsoft Exchange is a Microsoft product. Why Android or iPhone has more and best Exchange synchronization features, more and best email, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes that a Microsoft product like Windows Phone. This is incomprehensible.

    For my work, the only things I need is the best Calendar, Task and Notes manager in sync with Microsoft Exchange, with widgets to put in on my smartphone screen. Is this so complicate to do? In the past there are a lot of PIM software and devices, what happened with those apps? Sorry, but I’m not interested on facebook, tweeter and more social apps.

    Windows Mobile is in the market 10 years before iPhone with a 42% of market share in 2007. But Microsoft not knew how expand or take advantage, all he did was destroy it with Windows Phone with a market share of 3% in 2011. This is incomprehensible.

    Windows Mobile is for me the best mobile option. Now, is Android.


    The 2 worst apps I have ever seen in my life is Microsoft Outlook for Android and Microsoft Office for Outlook. Why a large and a prestige company like Microsoft has the worst Android products and little companies. Why little companies like the ones who developed Kingsoft Office, OfficeSuite, Polaris Office, etc. for Android has best products than a large and a prestige company like Microsoft? Yes, Microsoft was the best Office company in the past, but now, all that I see, is worst.

    With Windows 8, Microsoft does the worst thing in his history. In order to does a good product with more for satisfy users, only do a product to make cash forcing ALL TO USE Windows Store.

    A proof of this is that in all CTP versions all users have the option to completity disable Metro UI and restore Start Menu changing de value of RPEnabled in the registry. In new CTP versions Microsoft remove the registry hack, but most users have a trick to enable Start Menu. First, remove the registry hack, but programs like Classic Shell enables underlaying code of Start Menu. The lasts words of Sinofsky in his own blog (Building Windows 8) is that is removing old code in order to impossible enable Start Menu and bypass Metro UI. Why? If all users are enabling Start Menu and bypassing Metro why do you remove it if all our users want it? I consider it and insult for Microsoft to all users. The only answer is to force to use Window Store to make money. Microsoft not think about users, only to make cash.

    All millions of comments in Windows 8 blogs are negative to the user interface Metro. Only a few talk about is good. But Microsoft completely ignore this in order to force users to make cash. At least, that is all people think about the reasons of why Microsoft ignores users feedback.

    Please, can you see at detail the Windows 8 logon icon? Who develop and design it? A 2 years old boy? Sorry, but if in my company a designer or someone design an icon like that, i consider it an insult and is immediately fired.

    Windows 8 is, for the first time in history, a new operating system with LESS features than previous versions:

    - Removed Start Menu.

    - Removed Shadow Copies.

    - Removed Backup & Restore.

    - Remove “Advanced Appearance Settings”

    - Remove “Unified Search”

    - Less options in Wi-Fi and Dial-Up networking.

    - Remove Desktop Gadgets.

    - Remove Aero Glass, Themes and Styles.

    - No Chess Titans, Mahjong Titans, Purble Place, Minesweeper, FreeCell, Solitaire and DVD Maker.

    - No Desktop email app.

    Windows 8.0 Mail application has less features than the application Microsoft Mail & News for Windows 3.1. Wow! A 2014 application that is worst, very worst than a 1990 app!!!! Can Microsoft explain this, please?

    I’m very surprising telling Microsoft that Start Screen is best than Start Menu considering that Start Menu not allow folders, shortcuts, sorting and ordering, customizations, and so on. I think that Microsoft not use Start Screen at day by day use.

  • PART IV:

    The next Windows version must have at least the same features than Windows 7 and Windows XP. A Start Menu with the possibility to Expand All Programs in order to see it decent, not in a little window.

    I depend on features that Microsoft remove in Windows 8, like Shadow Copies and Backup and restore. I also want a decent desktop with a user interface at least like Aero. Sorry but I don’t like flat UI. I like 3D UI, with colorfull icons, with rounded borders, shadows and effects. No flat. Flat is ugly for me. Very ugly.

    Also, because of the Windows 8 debacle, Microsoft is now announcing the return of Start Menu. When? Stardock and Classic Shell have a Start Menu at Windows 8 day one. Microsoft is imposible to do it on an update, why? Is this so complicate to Microsoft? Have Microsoft lost all its develop capacity? Is Microsoft thinking to sell the next Window versions announcing it that the Start Menu is the best new killing feature? A 1995 feature!

    I think really that Microsoft lost a lot develop capacity developing worst products with less features and more bugs.

    Finally, Microsoft is doing the same with Xbox. In order to force users to Kinect make the worst console at the history that is difficult to support games at 1080p. A disaster! Also, at the presentation of the Xbox Microsoft is also forcing users to a 24 hours Internet connection in order to only sell games online, not allowing 2nd hand games in order to make cash. Microsoft in again not thinking on users, is only thinking how to make more cash removing and forcing users. Thanks to the very bad feedback, Microsoft removes the mandatory online connection, but continues forcing Kinect. This will be the end for XBox. Xbox is now dead like Windows Mobile.

    With Visual Studio, the abandon of Silverlight and no more advances at .NET, Windows Forms, WPF, Win32, MFC, etc. it's going to be very expensive at Microsoft. The remove of Windows Setup & Deployment wizard is another sign to FORCE users to use Windows Store to make cash. Again FORCING.

  • and PART V:

    Thinking of all of this, a good phrase for Microsoft is not “Devices and Services”, or “Productivity” is “Forcing users to make cash”. Always “forcing”.

    The real problem at Microsoft is, that only think one thing at a time. In the past, are Internet. Then “Devices and Services”. Now “Cloud and Mobile”.

    No. The world is not cloud, mobile, desktop, PC. If Microsoft priorities is Cloud first, Mobile first, is again an error. The world is options to everyone. Options for cloud, options for mobile, options for touch, options for desktop. Options implies not forcing users to only touch, only cloud, only mobile, and so on. I never use a touch screen on my desktop because it hurts my shoulders. It is much more comfortable mouse. What ye tried?

    The key is OPTIONS. OPTIONS to everyone.

    Personally, I don’t use and don’t want cloud. Never use it because I don’t want to put my personal data on a third party storage. And even less my business data. I use mobile devices only for little things because my desktop PC is more comfortable to work with a big screen, big full keyboard, and the best mouse. This is the more comfortable to work. Please try it.

    A repeat again, the key is OPTIONS. OPTIONS to everyone…. and you win.

  • @Javier

    So first of all, I thought I had a long blog comment a day or so ago. You win. :-)

    Second, thank you for taking the time to write all these thoughts down with specific examples. I think you posted this same comment to Brian Harry's blog as well. He's replied there (, and I would probably have a very similar response, so I won't write much here.

    The one thing I'd add to Brian's comment is that the way we get better at listening and acting on feedback does require a degree of trust (we have to trust that our customers know what they're doing, customers have to trust that we know what we're doing) and we have to listen and respond to each other. Threads like this are a start, but in the end it will come down to actions -- particularly the actions that transform themselves into product decisions.

    So basically, please keep watching the actions we're taking, especially in the CTPs, and giving feedback.


  • @John Montgomery,

    Thank you for reading.

    Yes. I write to you and Brian because i read you every post in your own blogs. And i see that you and Brian really listen users.

    I write in other blogs and other Microsoft employees that really not listen users. No only my comments but all users comments.

    And since more than 20 years, i'm keeping watching all microsoft actions we're taking, especially in the CTPs, betas and more, giving feedback like this i write here and Brian blog.

    Javier Álvarez.

    Madrid. SPAIN.

  • @John Montgomery, don't hate me for going off-topic. But you stand a better chance passing this feedback to right people than me (preferably in your words).

    Please add SSH, SCP and SFTP support in Windows via PowerShell/CommandPrompt. This means no disrespect to Microsoft's remoting solutions but in full honesty those protocols are far more famous in the world.

    You guys can implement those protocols and win hearts of millions worldwide using Windows and dealing with Linux servers in their day jobs.

    Installing Cygwin, WinSCP, Putty or Mingw etc. is far more annoying solution for those simple straight-forward protocols. Built-in support for those three protocols will "ONLY" reflect goodness and shows that Microsoft cares for all sorts of consumer scenarios.

    Thank you in advance for reconsidering this decades old stubborn decision and doing the right thing finally.

    - P. Finney

  • Please, can you fix the following annoying thing.

    I have Solution Explorer, Properties, Toolbox and SQL Server Object Explorer on the LEFT side of VS. However, when I press F5 these windows go away and instead there're Solution Explorer and Notifications on the RIGHT side. Thus I conclude that these are two different modes, and all my windows on the LEFT side have no relation to windows appearing on the RIGHT side. And because of it my eyes are jumping from one side of monitor to another. REALLY annoying...

  • Thank you for finally removing the stupid ALL CAPS, but you should just remove the option and leave normal case. It’s just clutter.

  • Thanks @Javier for saying what so many of us are thinking! I get So angry about the situation I feel like giving up .Net Development altogether , but I have many years invested in .Net and WPF,and theres nothing out there that even viable migration path , I've been coding since 1978 and used nearly every MS product ever made, we even upgraded the ROM our apple ][ to from Integer basic to the floating point version that I believe was Bill gates and Microsofts first product! and  I couldn't agree with you more about the state of affairs during the last four years!

    the way WPF has been handled is an Outrage! even on this site, article and article till Oct 2010, then nothing,  just a load of BS from the likes of Pete Brown and co, "wait til Build", We waited, look what we got,  look at the logo even , childlike garbage, I used to get every new version of VS the Day the Beta came out till I purchased the RTM . I'm still using VS2010. VS is a WPF app , It's pretty easy to do the things you suggest, It's like they don't even know how to use WPF styles, Im starting to fear they won't be able to improve WPF in the future and may never even see .Net 5.0.

    I feel your pain on the customer end as well, I don't even try to defend MS anymore.

    I used to think all the people who hate MS were foolish, I'm getting the sick feeling I may become one in the future? Thanks again @Javier great job!

    @John Montgomery [MSFT]

    "We’re not, for example, going back to the 2010"

    18000 layoffs, heres to you spending more time with your cat in the future!

  • Glad to hear about the save/load windows layouts feature. Until you upgrade to vs 2014 you could use Layouts O Rama from the vs gallery.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio (Not Responding) 2012 has a feature where it pops up a dialog with no buttons, with a message that says "Waiting for a background operation to complete. This dialog will close when the operation completes." The dialog sometimes stays up for a minute or five, sometimes never goes away.

    What purpose does this feature serve? It's not clear to me. Also, why is the phrase "(Not Responding)" included in the title of the application, but not in the marketing materials? Since the Not Responding feature is the central functionality of Visual Studio, I would have expected it to be talked up more.

    Also: Fix the XAML editor. Fix the XAML editor. Don't work on anything else until the XAML editor is fixed. Fix it. Fix it. Fix it. It is horrible. It hangs and hangs. Fix it. Fix it. I spend half my life watching the XAML editor spin and spin and hang and spin and hang. You have to fix that FIRST, don't add a single new feature until that is fixed. That is JOB ONE, JOB TWO, AND JOB THREE.

    Job four is the search feature. I select a string to search for in the file, hit Ctrl+F, and sometimes the search feature randomly decides that I only want to search the selected text. Nobody EVER wants to search the selected text for THE ENTIRE CONTENT OF THE SELECTED TEXT. They know it's there. It's what they just selected. See? Simple.

    Aso, fix the XAML editor and the constant crashes and hangs.

  • @Ladybug Sasquatch

    why can't you just use HTML5/JS instead of XAML, are you to lazy to upgrade your're skills

    for the future, maybe you don't belong in this exciting new Era!

    don't complain if you cannot learn to love changes.

    mark as answer,say thank you and log url.

  • @MingHoMVP

    ...upgrade from XAML to HTML/JS ??  HTML/JS is also ancient and only now has a handful of helpful updates with HTML5 (mostly via new Javascript objects).  ...not a big upgrade.

  • @Ladybug Sasquatch

    We are actively working on making significant changes to the XAML editor and will hopefully have more details to share in a future Visual Studio 14 CTP. However, I would love to get in touch with you to better understand the current set of issues you are having so we can investigate making fixes for those as well - would it be possible to get  in touch with me offline at unnir @ Microsoft dot com?



    Program Manager, Visual Studio

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