Visual Studio “14” CTP 2 Available

Visual Studio “14” CTP 2 Available

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Today we released CTP 2 of Visual Studio “14,” which is the codename for the next version of Visual Studio. To get started, you can download the bits (also available on MSDN subscriber downloads), or use the VM in Azure we’re making available (see the note below). In addition to the new features we added in CTP 1, this CTP also includes:

  • Save and Apply Custom IDE Layouts. You can now save and apply custom layouts for tool windows in the IDE. The Save Window Layout and Apply Window Layout commands are under the Window Menu and you can also rename, reorder, and delete layouts from Manage Window Layouts.
  • Light Bulb Editor Adornment. Light Bulbs are an extensible editor adornment to identify and help you fix issues in your code. To use them, place the caret on a line with an issue or hover over an issue and you’ll see a light bulb that lists actions you can take to resolve the problem and even a preview of proposed solutions.
  • Editor Touch Support. The Visual Studio Editor now supports touch gestures for scrolling, pinch-to-zoom, tap-and-hold for context menus, double-tap for word selection, and line selection by tapping in the margin.
  • VC++ Property Pages and Editor Enhancements. We updated the Configuration and Platform dropdown values for VC++ Property Page dialog to remember the last user selection when the dialog is closed. We also added Move Function Definition (move the body of a function definition to source or header/in-class definition) and Implement Pure Virtuals (quickly create definitions for a class that inherits constructs ([abstract] class, struct, etc.) containing pure virtuals). We also updated Create Declaration/Definition to include Code Peek and improved Find in Files to enable subsequent results to be appended to previous results ("append mode"). Checkout the VC Blog for details on these enhancements.
  • ALL CAPS. Last week with the RC for Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 we added an option to sentence case menus; in this VS “14” CTP we changed Menu Bar styling to Title Case for everyone to help us get feedback on the change. We’ll use the feedback we get to help determine if we keep it as it is in this preview, make it an option under the Tools/Options menu, or take some other path.

You can find a complete list of new features in the Visual Studio “14” CTP knowledge base article.

Note: We intend this preview to be used for testing and feedback purposes. It’s not meant for production environments. Please install the CTP on a test environment, such as a clean VM or clean machine, and not on a primary-use machine.

We’re looking forward to your feedback on the CTP. As always, please post your suggestions on UserVoice and any bugs you find on our Connect site.




John Montgomery, Director of Program Management, Visual Studio Platform

John has been at Microsoft for 15 years, working in developer technologies the whole time. Most recently before working on the Visual Studio core development environment, he was working on the tools for Windows 8 development.

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  • @Kangyuan Niu, you wrote:

    "We are currently making major modifications to the way our compiler handles initialization".

    Sounds hopeful  :-) Is there any chance that those compiler bugs regarding value-initialization will then finally be fixed? Visual C++ usually compiles an attempt to value-initialize an object, but it may then leave parts of the object uninitialized.

    Bug reports on this issue have been marked as "Won't Fix", for example:

    Bug ID 499606, "Presence of copy constructor breaks member class initialization", by Alex Vakulenko

    Bug ID 484295, "VC++ does not value-initialize members of derived classes without user-declared constructor", by Sylvester

    Bug ID 100744, "Value-initialization in new-expression", reported by Pavel back in 2005 (was removed from Connect!)

    In 2010 I wrote an extensive compiler test on value-initialization for Boost: Please try it out! For example as follows:

    #include <libs/config/test/boost_no_com_value_init.ipp>

    int main()


    // Returns the number of test failures (zero = OK).

    return boost_no_complete_value_initialization::test();


    See also  Note that it has some link errors, introduced by VS2013, as I reported: "error LNK2019, trying to value-initialize an array by a mem-initializer of a constructor",  Hope you can fix that as well  :-)

  • We are still using VS2012 at work.VS2013 was out no longer ago.I think you should release VS every 3 years or so.

  • I actually liked the all-caps menus. I'd love the option to turn it back on.

  • @Niels Dekker

    Neither 499606 nor 484295 can be reproduced in Visual Studio "14" CTP 3. Please try our the latest release and verify that value initialization indeed works correctly now.

  • Light Bulb Editor Adornment: following NetBeans I see...

  • Where is Silver Twist ?

  • @Kangyuan Niu Thanks for informing us that these value-initialization bugs (ID 499606 and ID 484295, both reported in 2009) are finally fixed, with Visual; Studio "14" CTP! Martin Moene ( just informed me that indeed, most run-time test failures of my value-initialization test appear vanished with VS "14" CTP 3! Only value-initialization of pointer-to-member objects appears to remain troublesome.

  • I cannot believe that such utter trivialities as all-caps menus are the main worry for some people! As if there weren't more pressing issues, like improved conformity of the compiler with the "new" C++11 standard, for example!

  • @Kangyuan Niu, I'm very glad about those major compiler bug fixes regarding value-initialization (including ID 499606 and 484295). But I feel you challenged me by saying "Please... verify that value initialization indeed works correctly now".  :-)

    Just reported: "[C++] Pointer-to-member data member of value-initialized aggregate should have null member pointer value",

    Also still in VS "14" CTP 3: "[C++] error LNK2019, trying to value-initialize an array by a mem-initializer of a constructor",

    Can you please fix these two as well?  :-)

  • Please spend resources on making the C++ compiler fully C++11 compliant in VS2013.  The bells and whistles are meaningless if the meat and potatoes are missing.

  • Please give us atleast a Option for a all uppercase menu style. Currently it Looks just bad.

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