Survey on Xamarin usage with .NET or VC++

Survey on Xamarin usage with .NET or VC++

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Cross platform mobile device development is important:

With bring-your-own-device trends in the enterprise, and heterogeneity in the consumer mobile device market, developers are increasingly focused on building apps that can target a variety of devices. We are committed to enabling developers to build apps for this heterogeneous, mobile-first world with Visual Studio for the technology of your choice – whether .NET, C++ or JavaScript.

To read more, check out this post by Soma Mobile-first, Cloud-first Development – Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 released, Visual Studio Apache Cordova Tooling preview and the future of .NET for Cloud and Server.


The following survey will help us learn about your experiences or expected experience when using Xamarin with .NET or Visual C++. If you are open to further discussions about your experience, be sure to check the box to opt-in and provide your email address.



Eric Battalio

Senior Program Manager, Visual C++ (blog)

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  • "Cross platform mobile device development is important:" - I fully agree. But Xamarin do not fill hole that MS have. Their tools are overpriced and limited. Do your onw tools for mobile cross-platform development, and integrate it with VS, as you did with tools for Windows Phone. Could be great to write XAML/VB app for ios/android. Don't wait with that for Xamarin.

  • Am I blind or is the survey link missing?

  • @ SimonRev

    The word "survey" in "The Following survey..." is linked to the survey.

    Survey Link -

  • totally agreed with "Tristan" its really expensive for most developers and its missing!

  • @Tristan:

    I totally agree that Xamarin is far too expensive for what they offer, but then so is Visual Studio.

    But I would much rather see Microsoft spend its resources on turning Windows into a solid desktop with full integration capabilities, for all mobile platforms, that takes full advantage of Microsoft Cloud Services so I can have the best of all worlds. The Xbox One could be a solid platform, for homes without a desktop pc, for the integration services and allow Microsoft to exploit their one successful piece of hardware as a doorway to the living room for the rest of their services.

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    Our survey will help us connect with real developers like you to learn more about cross-platform mobile development scenarios. If you filled out the survey, thanks! If you opted in for further engagement, hopefully we connect soon.

  • One word: Buy Xamarin. Give it for free, include it in VS. You'll gain a lot, lot of mobile developers, since Xamarin is, by FAR, the best multiplatform mobile development framework, and the only native one (no HTML5+JS crap)

  • Microsoft should buy Xamarin and include it in VS (ALL SKU's...don't skimp!!).  I firmly believe that this could be just the move that would push MS far into the mobile space.

  • I agree with the comment about buying Xamarin. You could then fix their QA process! I still haven't forgiven them for that time they released a version of Xamarin.Mac that couldn't show NSAlerts. (NSAlert is a message box. It's like MS releasing .NET 5 and breaking WinForms' MessageBox.Show. How do you miss that?)

  • Based on what they think is a fair price for an annual license, can you imagine what Xamarin would think their company is valued at?

    No, I still believe Microsoft could secure its position and provide a great deal more value by stopping the pursuit of a consumer market that will never consider them 'cool', and focus on Windows for Business and a Windows Home Base style product that combines data integration applications with access to their time share, oops... I mean cloud, services. They could do this in a way that lets the consumer choose any device (tablet or phone) running any OS (Android, iOS, Brand x) without having to limit themselves to a single vendor's products to be able to have access to their data across them all. Let someone else worry about app development for mobile devices, other than to write their own apps to access various services, it is too much of a moving target and RoI is less than impressive.

    Why continue to chase low margin hardware/software, that just about any company can produce, when they have a unique skillset that really could add value in a way others would find difficult to compete with.

    Other than some deep desire to compete with Apple/Google on their terms, I just do not understand why they continue in a direction that only alienates their most profitable customer base, businesses, while winning them few new friends in the consumer market.

  • I don't think buying xamarin would make sense for Microsoft. As soon as Microsoft buys Xamarin, people will start asking for xamarain studio free stuff or integrate into VS for no additional cost. That is a not a sustainable model for world class cross platform development toolset. I think they have the right to charge a premium for a "truly" cross platform development toolset. I am ok with Microsoft being an  outside investor that cuts a cut out of every xamarin license. But, the technical capabilities of the platform must be top class. Like for ex, a true xaml designer for all mobile platforms. [derived from a single viewbase]. That would be fantastic. I don't mind paying a premium for that!

  • I wont advice on buying xamarin. It's a good idea at first look, but, if you look further, you will realize that the real problem of cross platform development  is that at some point you will need and access a native API. A native API that can change in directions that will break any attempt to standardize it when you don't control every company involved. I think it would be easy to enable web apps to be installed on windows phone and develop some JS/Jquery extensions to native APIs for Windows devices. I think that android is going that path, and maybe IOS will. It's easier and you should not worry about maintaining cross platform APIs. You can let Jquery/Angular/Amber/Polymer guys do that. If the browser can render it 90% of the work is done.

    If you don't agree with me take Skype as a use case, or even Silverlight. MS could not feasible support them on every platform, guess why? Adobe has done a better job with Flash but the effort is titanic so, in long term is not viable. The browser has pushed a standard that works almost on every device, and ways to degrade gracefully. I think that Microsoft should put more effort on opening the development platform and make developing apps for windows devices simpler, allowing developers to choose from the web tools available like Jquery/Angular/Amber/Polymer without getting in their way with strange project structures. Web developers community have made a sustainable effort to allow the use/mix of multiple libraries without breaking each other, so should MS do.



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