Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 CTP 1 Ready to Download

Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 CTP 1 Ready to Download

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The first CTP for Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 is ready to download. Update 4 CTP 1 includes feature enhancements and bug fixes for Team Foundation Server and Visual C++. Checkout this detailed blog post for more info on Team Foundation Server enhancements. To learn about bug fixes check out the release notes. As a reminder, these CTPs are not supported in production environments but are meant for trial and testing.

Many of the features and bug fixes in this release come from your feedback. Thank you for sharing these suggestions, thoughts and ideas with us on our UserVoice site and through the thousands of Send-a-Smile and Send-a-Frown actions you sent us from inside the IDE. If you find a bug please send it to us via the Visual Studio Connect site.



image John Montgomery, Director of Program Management, Visual Studio Platform

John has been at Microsoft for 15 years, working in developer technologies the whole time. Most recently before working on the Visual Studio core development environment, he was working on the tools for Windows 8 development.

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  • WHen does a sln enter this realm: "...on large solutions"?  Is it number of files to compile?  Number of projects to link?  What number?  Surely there is some number used to determine "...on large solutions".

  • Please support YAML in VS natively. It the slimmest way of representing data.. Add YAML's native support in VS using this robust and feature-complete libyaml:

  • The reference for release notes ( seems to be broken. Can you double check it?  I'm accessing the page from Canada if that makes a difference...

    ~ Cameron

  • Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime language packs are installed again like in the Update 3 CTP's and RC. Hope this will be fixed again.

  • @Cameron

    Sorry you are having trouble getting to the release notes. The page should be accessible from Canada. Are you getting a 404 error or is it taking you to a different page altogether?

    Can you try the direct link and see if that works?

    Radhika Tadinada [MSFT]

  • @Marcel Raad

    You caught a known issue. It first appear in an Update 3 CTP, and was fixed for Update 3 RTM and then regressed in Update 4 CTP 1.  The team is investigating and will fix. Thanks for catching it!


  • I hope the SignalR and BrowserLink have been fixed and updated so I no longer get pingInterval is undefined errors when debugging with IE11 on Win7 VS 2013 Update 3.

  • el problema que tengo es que internet explorer enpide que la pagina webmuestre contenido


  • I am really excited about this update.  Right now I am considering the on premise install on an environment with TFS 2013 Update 3 installed.  Will I be able to apply Update 4 RTM when it is released, if I install Update 4 CTP1 today?  

  • @Key Largo

    Visual Studio has its own definition for "large" and it is based on number of projects in the solution. I believe the "large" range is something like 30-200 projects; more than 200 is classified as "huge" =P

    Of course, those numbers are probably based themselves on expected number of files per project, but it's probably a decent heuristic.

    We haven't confirmed if the solution scanning improvements applies to "huge" projects, but it should ;)

  • Thanks for the great article, keep it up

  • Installing Visual Studio is taking longer and longer timewise. Is there any improvement to shortening the hours it takes to install Visual Studio and all of the updates? Why is the Microsoft Advertising SDK being installed as part of Update 3. I don't want it...and will never use it.

  • Updating CTP1 to CTP2 was very fast, but I agree with Tad I that a lot of what is included in the updates should be separate downloads. It's pretty annoying that I always have to update the Advertising SDKs before the option to uninstall them appears in the control panel. And installing software I can't even use on my Windows 7 machine (the Windows Store and Phone stuff) makes absolutely no sense.

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