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  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2013 Diagnostics Investments

    this post, and the posts it links to have been updated for VS 2013 RTM - enjoy! Hi, I am Daniel Moth, a Program Manager in Visual Studio. I don’t know about you, but I usually spend more time (and more fun time in fact!) in the debugger than I do in actually constructing my app. Perhaps that...
  • Blog Post: Debugging MSBuild script with Visual Studio (3)

    In my last two posts ( here and here ) I showed how to enable the unsupported MSBuild debugger to debug a build started on the command line with MSBuild.exe. In this final post, I'll mention some other variations. Note that this blog is rather narrow, so some of the screenshots may be hard to see...
  • Blog Post: Debugging MSBuild script with Visual Studio

    Back when we started 4.0 development, I polled readers of the MSBuild blog to find out what features were most important to them. Debugging was #1 which was very surprising to us. Thinking about it more, it makes sense. In our team we've become so proficient ourselves at reading the XML and making sense...
  • Blog Post: Debugging Expression Trees in Visual Studio 2010

    First of all, let’s take a look at the example from one of my previous posts . It creates an expression tree for calculating the factorial of a number. ParameterExpression value = Expression .Parameter( typeof ( int ), "value" ); ParameterExpression more
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