Backup and Restore Procedures

Backup and Restore Procedures

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  • Excellent and timely post Rob. Thanks. Do you know if creating the maintenance plan as indicated will ensure all of the databases are in sync. That is, am I ensured that all of the databases can be restored to the same transaction mark to make sure I don't have more recent data in one of the databases than another? (Ref:
  • Thanks, this is going to be very useful. However, if I wanted to move my single server install of TFS to new hardware (but keep the same machine name!!) would I be best following the procedure for 'restoring data to the same data tier' (the first restore option in your post)? Or is this a third restore option not yet covered? BTW, I'm using Beta3 refresh.
  • You also need to ensure that SSIS (Sql Server Integration Services) is installed on the data tier.
  • In the section on How TO Restore Team Foundation Server data to a different server, I think you left out the step of stopping the servers before you do anything else, using iisreset /stop and stopping Reporting Services.
  • Thanks, I will follow these steps and try to make it work right away.
    Q: All Team foundation Server data is stored in the DB?
    What I am meaning to ask is:
    Backing and restoring the DB will restore all the Documents reports work items VSS and projects?
  • Graham,

    Yes - you are correct. The instructions for backup and restore to a different single server are slightly different.

    However in your case if you are keeping the machine name the same, all you should need to do is follow the instructions for restoring the data to the same data tier. Please let us know if this does not work.
  • Avi

    All data is persisted in the data tier in B3R. So the answer to your question is yes.
  • Hello,

    Is it possible to completely export one single TS project (including sources, workitems etc) from one TS server to another TS server?

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