Info on merging and branching

Info on merging and branching

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Hi, I'm Chris.  I'm the new documentation manager for Team Foundation.  This post is dedicated to helping you get more familiar with merging and branching Team Foundation Server projects. Let us know what more we can post for you.


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  • I'd love to see some walkthroughs on getting testing working with Team Build and Test Agen/Controller.
  • Hi Chris,

    We're planning on developing using VS2005 and using Team System to manage our source control.

    Currently we are developing and maintaining a series of applications ranging from VS2003 to VB6 and using VSS6 for source control.

    Do you have any documentations regarding migration of the VSS6 to Team System... and is VB6 still compatible with Team System?

    We really need to manage our source codes in different locations and Team System seems to be a good solution to address our predicament and we want to do it without using VSS6 anymore.


  • What would really help is a walkthough to give something that I would use in our main development processes. For example walk me though doing this:,guid,e87908c7-2d31-428a-a4b2-dd5b905b66c9.aspx
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