Moving Your Team Foundation Server Deployment

Moving Your Team Foundation Server Deployment

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Hi all,

Today we have some draft documentation on how you can move your Team Foundation Server deployment.  We have one conceptual and three procedural documents on this: Team Foundation Server Move Types, How to: Move from a Single-Server to a Dual-Server Deployment, How to: Move Your Team Foundation Server from One Hardware Configuration to Another, and How to Move Your Team Foundation Server from One Environment to Another.  This content is not yet part of the live MSDN content, but all of the other topics referenced within these draft topics are available on MSDN. This is the latest, most up-to-date content for Visual Studio Team Foundation - be sure to check it out!

As always, comments are welcome.


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  • Just wanted to reemphasize the need for some way to move a project from one Team Foundation Server to another.  

    We currently just detach the project from source control and add it to the new server manually, then export the work items to excel and import them to the new project (painful and does not appear to preserve work item links and associations).  This also, of course,  results in a loss of history on the project.

    I noticed a tool that will transport work items between servers but it appears to not support the RTM.  Even this would be very helpful.

    I am not certain how common this scenario is but for us it has occurred several times as we switch servers to balance load, or simply to separate dissimilar projects (we have both a public TFS server for projects that require client access for review, and private a server for internal development).

    Should we expect any official utilities to come about that might ease this process?
  • Jason - excellent suggestion. You can file product bugs and suggestions at the MSDN product/documentation feedback site at:

    This is a great way to surface customer suggestions and comments to the developr teams at Microsoft.

  • Slightly off-topic but in a similar vein.

    We have an urgent need to add code (many Solution files) from the source control in one Team Project with the code in another Team Project located offshore.  We will also need to merge code that has been worked on at both sites.

    Deleting the .vssscc and .vspscc files alone doesn't work as they are recreated whenever the .sln file is opened in VS.  This then prohibits me from "adding" the solution to the desired target source control.

    Is there any way other than manually editing the IP addresses and Paths in the Solution files in a text editor?

    Answer: Could you clarify?  It sounds like you’re trying to find a solution for branching and merging two different source trees from different projects on different Team Foundation Server deployments (one in the home office, one offshore).  Or are you using Team Foundation Server Proxy and a single source control server? 






  • How do I move a work item, let's say a task, that was started in Project A but I want it to live in Project B?  One Team Server deployment.

     VSTSUE says:

    Unfortunately, moving work items from one project to another isn't supported.

  • What's the going method for closing out projects? We have new projects for each new software feature - but folding all the work items, docs, etc. is a fairly manual process. Is Microsoft addressing the problem of not being able to "roll up" projects into a parent project once the separate project is complete?

  • I've built a tool to help the migration process.

    please, check it at:

    I'll be updating it to make the process as easy as possible.

    Anyway, the migration won't ever be absolutely safe given the current TFS 'restritions'

  • Similar to the post by Keith.  We have two separate TFS environments.  There is a primary TFS environment that controls what is deployed to production.  Most development takes place in this environment.  However, we also have a second team with their own TFS environment who will also be making changes from time to time.  The developers on the second team do not have access to the primary development environment.

    We are looking for a simple and reliable method for comparing and merging changes from the second environment into the primary environment for final testing and deployment.  Any suggestions?


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