It is not yet possible to restore only one team project

It is not yet possible to restore only one team project

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We got a comment with this question:

"is there a way by which i can restore only a specific team project related data or its associated files from a full backup?"


Unfortunately, in Team Foundation Version 1.0, you cannot restore a single team project from a backup. However, the product team is considering this feature for the next version.


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  • First of all, I really hope that you are way beyond the consideration stage for that feature for next version.
    Having sad that, this looks like a very painful point for the customers.
    And since you don't have the resources to implement this feature before the next version,
    I have a constructive suggestion, release the source code (or set of SQL commands) that is used when deleting a project. I guess the community can look at those things and maybe figure out way to implement the archive/restore project feature.
    What do you think?

    Answer: Yes, we’re well aware of this pain point for our customers. We’re looking into a number of options.






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