• 1)  I apply Tags to a few Backlog Items.  

    2)  I use the Tags to Filter my Product Backlog results in the Web Portal.  

    3)  I click the email icon to send these filtered results to a team member.

    4)  Instead of the generated email containing my filtered list, it contains the full Product Backlog.

    Is this the expected behavior or a Bug?

  • @Alex Boesel, it is not needed to update both VS and TFS at the same time. Any version of VS 2012 (RTM/Update1/Update2) should work OK against any version of TFS 2012 (RTM/Update1/Update2).

  • @Kevin and @Pete: sorry for this. We would like to investigate your situations further. Could you please reach out to me at ewald-dot-hofman-at-microsoft-dot-com

  • Hi,

    Strange, I don't need to add transitions in my Scrum templace...

  • @Mickaël, the transitions were shipped in the Update 1 Process Templates already, but we did not blog those changes (shame on us...) The only differences between Update 1 and Update 2 are the added Tags columns. So it might be that you created the team project from the Scrum 2.1 template.

  • Is this available in TFS Server 2010 and how can I make this happen if not the same functionality

  • I also had the error about the closeddate not existing for both the bug and pbi.  The solution of also adding the field worked in both cases.

  • Dear administrator,

    My name is Dr Paul Fearne. Just have a quick question. I was wondering how I go about making my hotmail account public?



  • Got the same problem. Unit tests won't run anymore, they keep pending.

    Going to revert to update 1

  • I was just wondering if you could explain why the DataTestMethod / DataRow attributes are not supported in all testing?  It seems strange to me that I cannot use these in a standard class library test.  Am I mistaken or missing something.


  • Regarding the 2010 Build Service compatibility - I was under the impression that workflow .xaml and custom activities would not have to be modified (remove dup references and version numbers).

    I just updated our 2010 install to 2012.2 but I am getting those goofy errors related to specified versioning in the xaml.

  • I see that there is TDD support extended for Windows Phone/emulator.  Would coded ui recorder be able to identify the objects inside the emulator.

  • I have a similar job in hand for which I either need to automate testing of windows mobile or emulator. All my R & D till date has been waste. Any pointers to the solution will be highly appreciated m

  • @Allen, in your SharePoint machine if you have TFS SharePoint Extensions 2012 RTM or 2012 Update 1 you will see that message if you are using the TFS Server 2012 Update 2 setup. You should use the TFS SharePoint Extensions 2012 Update 2 setup.

  • @Mike,

    Compatibility means that you can have a 2010 controller connected to a 2012.2 application tier.  If you want to run your workflows in a 2012 controller you will need to make sure you have no references to the 2010 assemblies as they are not binary compatible and will cause strange errors at run time.

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