• Hi, I'm experiencing the same situation as James where I have a C# set of tests running fine but the JS tests are not running.    Essentially, my second test source is "JS Unit Tests - Run tests in test sources matching **\*.js, Target platform: 'X86', Fails build".   I've pointed to the assemblies folder as instructed in step 4.   Please help.   Thanks!

  • People might not be familiar with Load Testing because it's only available in Visual Studio Ultimate.  Best way to spread awareness is to bring it down to the lower editions. Kind of like Microsoft Fakes. : )

  • @Ryan, @Ewald Hofman, I'm having the same problem as Ryan. The "loading" icon will spin forever. The Item is acutally added but we can't add items sequentially.

    Have you found a solution? Will this be fixed by installing SP2?

    We are using IE 8, could this be the problem?


  • After following these steps I am still having an issue.  I did customize my task board previously to allow for bug work items and resolved tasks to appear on the current sprint board.  This was working well until I added a new iteration.  I did follow all the steps mentioned in this article and reverted my changes to the board but still get this error which is preventing my new iterations to appear and be applied to work items.

    Please advise.  Thank you.

  • An update to my post from April 30.    I happened to rerun my build on the free Microsoft provided TFS Service (*.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection) and it suddenly worked... all of the JS Unit tests ran!  

    I'm thinking some type of update occurred on the server allowing Chutzpah to do its thing as my code did not change at all from April 30.  

    I still get the following errors when editing the build configuration in VS2012:

    Summary: There were 0 failures, 2 errors and 1 warnings loading custom activities and services.

    Error: Method 'ToXml' in type 'Chutzpah.VS2012.TestAdapter.ChutzpahAdapterSettings' from assembly 'Chutzpah.VS2012.TestAdapter, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1ca802c37ffe1896' does not have an implementation.

    Error: API restriction: The assembly 'file:///C:\*\Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestPlatform.ObjectModel.dll' has already loaded from a different location. It cannot be loaded from a new location within the same appdomain.

    Warning: Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\*\phantomjs.exe' or one of its dependencies. The module was expected to contain an assembly manifest.

    I am curious if anyone has experience the same type of thing.

  • If you are interested to see all this in action, join our webinar on June 12th: msevents.microsoft.com/.../EventDetail.aspx

  • Why would you want to clone (copy) all the test cases? Wouldn't you just want to link them to the new test plan? It seems like after a few iterations you would have so many copies of the same test cases that it would become unmanageable.

  • how do you enable the link on TFS web access of the MTM?  I cannot find any document refer to this and when I added /_testManagement to my project URL, it threw an error about view Indext or its master was not found.....

  • @Angela, this blog post is talking about the Kanban board. That is the board view of you backlog. You are discussing the task board, which is a different board.

    Could you send me more details about your configuration and the errors you are seeing?

    You can send it to ewald dot hofman at microsoft dot com

  • after show the Kanbad board ,i can not undoing what my changing. i followed your steps , rename columns , then follow step1 to 14 again . i cant  have multiple complete state.

    this is my orginal state

         <State type="Proposed" value="New" />

         <State type="Proposed" value="Deferred" />

         <State type="Proposed" value="Approved" />

         <State type="InProgress" value="Committed" />

         <State type="InProgress" value="Waiting on Bug Fixes" />

         <State type="InProgress" value="In Progress" />

         <State type="Complete" value="Dev Complete" />

         <State type="Complete" value="UAT Deploy" />

         <State type="Complete" value="UAT Testing" />

         <State type="Complete" value="Done" />

         <State type="Complete" value="QA Testing" />

    then i changed the states like this

         <State type="Proposed" value="New" />

         <State type="Proposed" value="Deferred" />

         <State type="Proposed" value="Approved" />

         <State type="InProgress" value="Committed" />

         <State type="InProgress" value="Waiting on Bug Fixes" />

         <State type="InProgress" value="In Progress" />

         <State type="InProgress" value="Dev Complete" />

         <State type="InProgress" value="UAT Deploy" />

         <State type="InProgress" value="UAT Testing" />

         <State type="InProgress" value="Done" />

         <State type="Complete" value="QA Testing" />

    after show the board . i try to set states back , but still show the same error .

    and i tried to move the "QA Testing" sequence ,it should follow "Dev Complete",show the same error .

  • @butterfly626385: I would like to understand your situation better. Could you contact me directly so we can work with you to get it fixed (ewald dot hofman at microsoft dot com)

  • From where can i download the latest version of Process template? I have downloaded VS 2012 update2 & TFS update 2, I didn't find the latest Kanban support template in my Process Template manager list?

    My Mail ID sebastin.saji@gmail.com

  • After installing VS2012 update 2 & TFS update 2 the new process templates (scrum 2.2 / cmmi ...) are not listed in Process Template Manager. Anyone faces the same issue? Is there any fix? work around?

  • This update did not complete successfully for me.  Repairing/Uninstalling the update doesn't work either.  Now when I open a project in VS and click on the solution view, VS crashes.  As a result, I'm reinstalling VS.

    This is an RC, so I was aware that this type of issue might happen, but I just wanted to warn others that they may want to hold off.

  • This doesn't work if you use the online identity manager thing from visualstudio.com. None of my instances show up in the credentials manager.

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