• @Gary: Good suggestion and it matches one of my high priority backlog items for our time remaining before RTM. Thanks for helping to confirm the importance of this one. Stay tuned.

  • @Charles Derat: These resources should help: msdn.microsoft.com/.../gg265783(v=vs.120).aspx, msdn.microsoft.com/.../gg265783(v=vs.120).aspx

  • @Toni

    This does work for 64bit processes as long as you are doing the analysis on a 64bit machine.  The target process also has to be at least .NET 4.5 for this to work.  If both of those conditions are being satisfied and it's not working for you, please get in touch with me at andrehal@microsoft.com and we'll figure out why it's not working

  • Need a list of compatible USB/Ethernet adapters. The ones I have seen state they are *not* compatible with Windows RT (if they state anything at all about Windows RT).

  • I just watched this build presentation. channel9.msdn.com/.../3-320

    How can I setup TF-GIT to sync between TFS VC and GIT for source control?

    Can I use TF-GIT to also sync branches, work items, workitem links to changeset details, labels, builds, test results?

    If not...is there a new version of the TIP (TFS integration platform) that incorporates TF-GIT for version control so that I don't lose any fidelity in the history of the files when setting up a "full mirror"?  

  • Does TFS GIT have the branch visualization features that are present in TFS VC? blogs.msdn.com/.../3465.BranchingVisualization3a_5F00_23811608.png

  • Are there any new features for centralized version control in TFS 2013? We aren't going to be moving to DVCS/GIT.

  • How can I create a "team" in TFS under one team project and point that "team" to a different TFS team project so that team can use GIT for version control?

  • Would't that be nice if you can create such dump files (with correct parameters) directly from VS.

    Remote processes (services) should be also supported.

    Is such a feature planned for the RTM or for any upcoming version?

  • Will Edit & Continue also work for 64 bit native C++ applications ?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for this nice and detailed blog on exp.testing. I really like this feature and i'm using it extensively. But a problem i face now is that the action log-data is not complete when I test my app. on chrome (latest version) - It just says 'Click document'... While  on IE9 it works fine - (Clicked 'Home' on site..xxx).

    I work with TFS+MTM 2012. Any support will be greatly appreciable.

  • Collapsing the managed callstack for async methods like that would be very helpful.  Having three rows for a resumed async method does seem a little extraneous, though, especially if you nest async calls several levels deep.

  • @ Dave Shaw - thank you for pointing it out. Fixed now.

    @Christoph: You can’t change the return value directly. However, if it is setting a variable you can update it or if it’s something that get passed into a function you can put a break point in the function and update it there.

  • @Vijay - If you're referring to the Git-TF tool on Codeplex (gittf.codeplex.com), it can be used to share changes between a loca Git repo and TFVC.  The readme that ships with the tool describes a team workflow scenario that can be used with a Git repo hosted in TFS.  Keep in mind that this tool only syncs changes on demand - it is not designed to keep a TFVC repo and a Git repo in sync automatically.  Also the tool is only for version control - work items, links, etc are not synchronized.  

    As an aside, it is not possible to keep TFVC and Git in sync without losing some fidelity of the data.  The architectures and branching models are vastly different between the systems which creates scenarios where the data cannot be exactly replayed in the other system.  As an example, take the "undelete" changetype in TFVC - Git would see this as an "add" operation - there is no way to perfectly preserve that metadata.

  • @IgorL - The branch visualization features in built for TFVC in Visual Studio do not yet have an analogous feature for Git repos.  We do have plans to build branch visualizations, but due to differences in the branching models of Git and TFVC, the features will be notably different.  If you're looking for a tool to help visualize branches in Git, the gitk command line tool should help.  If you install the 3rd party command line tools from within VS (aka msysgit), the gitk tool will be included.  

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