• will this work in windows 7 or just windows 8?

  • @Michael,

    This was a bug in the Preview version of Visual Studio 2013, it has subsequently been fixed so you should not see this warning fired in that case in the next release of Visual Studio 2013

  • Are these reports created using SSRS or directly querying from warehouse??

    Any sample reports pack which can be used by everyone on this?

  • @MB, we get this information by directly querying the operational databases.  Here are the queries we use.  Please note that since this is off the operational databases, we don't guarantee that the schemas will stay the same in future releases.

    -- TFS 2010 and TFS 2012

    Select count (distinct [ID]) as TheCount from WorkitemsAre with (nolock) -- count of workitems

    select  count (*) as TheCount from tbl_Projects with (nolock) where state='WellFormed' -- count of projects

    select count(distinct IdentityName) as TheCount from tbl_Command (nolock) -- count of active users over the past two weeks

    Select isnull (max (BuildId), 0) as TheCount from tbl_build with (nolock)  -- count of total builds

    select sum(size/128) as TheCount from sysfiles with (nolock) -- size of TPC DB

    select  count(distinct [ID]) as TheCount from WorkitemsAre with (nolock) WHERE [Work Item Type] = 'Test Case' -- count of test cases

    SELECT  sum ( a.used_page_count ) * 8 /1024 AS TheCount FROM sys.dm_db_partition_stats a with (nolock) join sys.objects b with (nolock) on a.object_id = b.object_id WHERE b.name = 'attachments' and (index_id=0 OR index_id=1)GROUP BY a.object_id   -- size of workitem attachments

    select SUM(UncompressedLength)/1024/1024 as TheCount from dbo.tbl_Attachment with (nolock)   -- size of test case attachments

    select COUNT(c.name)as TheCount from sys.columns c join sys.tables t on c.object_id=t.object_id where t.name='WorkItemslatest'  -- count of workitem fields

    select COUNT (*) as TheCount from Fields where ReportingType<>0 and fdeleted=0  -- count of reportable fields

    -- TFS 2010          

    select  count (FileId) as TheCount from tbl_file with (nolock)  -- count of source files  

    SELECT count(*) as TheCount FROM attachments with (nolock)    -- count of work item attachments

    SELECT count( distinct attachmentid ) AS TheCount FROM tbl_attachment with (nolock)  -- count of test case attachments

    -- TFS 2012

    select count(distinct fileid) as TheCount from tbl_file (nolock) where ownerid=1 and deletedon is null  -- count of source files

    select count(distinct fileid) as TheCount from tbl_file (nolock) where ownerid=2 and deletedon is null  -- count of WIT attachments

    select count(distinct fileid) as TheCount from tbl_file (nolock) where ownerid=4 and deletedon is null  -- count of test case attachments

  • Andrew,

    Neat! Thanks. And now that I'm actually using the IDE, the categories are indeed quite spiffy.

  • @JoJo: Updating 2012 to support x64 EnC won't be possible, it requires the 2013 compilers and .NET 4.5.1

    @Eli: Yes, this will work on Windows 7

  • Any count on the # of Visual SourceSafe instances left inside corp? :)

  • @ColinBowern, there are none that I know of :)  Doesn't mean someone doesn't have one under their desk...

  • @Chris: You can't do this from VS, but you should be able to do it from the command prompt.

  • Hi Thorsten - The TFS configuration process will not do an upgrade of SharePoint for you, only a fresh install.  You'll have to work through the SharePoint team's guidance and upgrade your 2010 instance manually.  (Keep in mind that TFS 2013 is still compatible with SharePoint 2010, so this isn't strictly necessary.)

  • Is it possible to ask Pratap Lakshman to publish the sample code for his Build 2013 talk about the diagnostics tool for XAML apps in VS 2013 ?

  • Liked it. Good feature.

    I would also suggest we should add capability for like adding test case step when test is in run. Currently it is not possible in web access.

  • We need to test java and flash applications with codedui. The slide above mentions "Will be achieved through partnership" What partnership and where can I learn more details / download updated versions of codedui?

  • Why was there such explosive growth in builds??!?! Builds Per Month - 118%

  • Would be great if you included the number of TFS Lab Management VMs, Test Plans, and Test suites in these numbers.

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