• How should we set the priority order of PBIs then? If I set an specific order on which PBIs should be addressed, and here I am reading that we don't have a consistent way to keep that order, what do I need to do? What field should I use to have a prioritized list of items that doesn't change unless "I" change it? I am using Stack Rank field to order my priorities, and I even can set to different items with the same priority within the same backlog but for different developer; e.g. Card 3333 with a Stack Rank of 50 and Card 3343 with the same stack rank. Anyway, that was working until someone in the team, triggered this "sparsification" process you are describing, by adding a new PBI, but just some of my PBI's Stack Ranks changed. This doesn't work for me or my team. I need a "stable" mechanism/strategy that respects what I set. I used PSP/TSP, and I do not understand why TFS just rules out what I define.

  • @Salvador and @Brian,

    The backlog as it is implemented is an *ordered* list of items. We used the stack rank or backlog priority field (depending on the template you use) to hold the value that determines that order. You can use the drag/drop reorder on the backlog to change the order.

    You are telling me that you use the backlog for your prioritization, but you also use the stack rank or backlog priority field manually. I would like to understand why you want to change the order manually. You can respond to this blog with a comment, or you can reach out to me in private at ewald_dot_hofman_at_microsoft_dot_com


  • @Ewald,

    We are currently using TFS 2013 (don't have Update 2 yet) and are trying to use excel to help facilitate backlog management specifically the order of the backlog.

    It was realized that the stack rank "sparsification" does not seem to trigger from direct edits on the stack rank of a work item, but rather only when using drag/drop functionality of the backlog page within the web portal.  

    Can you confirm that Update 2 will fix this?

  • You simply use shadow accounts. Create an account on the RM server and on the agent machine with the exact same name and password. Add the account as a service user account in RM. Use the same account on your agent machine to run the deployer and Windows will authenticate the account across domains.

  • Is this the same as the AppFabric monitoring ?

  • I can't seem to find this feature in update 2 either, is there a switch to turn it on somewhere?

  • @Tobias:  That should be all you need to do.   You do run TFS 2013 ?  And a corresponding 2013 build template ?

    If it doesn't work properly on your server, try the same tests on a VSO account of your own. If it works there, there is something wrong with your TFS setup, if it doesn't, there is something wrong with your project somehow.

  • I second Ed's question. The fact that the test cases do not show up in the backlog really hinders their usage in our scenario. Having them display there would be a very good thing.

  • This sounded really neat, but then I realised - this is an Ultimate feature, right? Right...

    How about, for VS2015, making this and other great features available to a million developers, instead of only millionaire developers? An Express and a Professional SKU, simple as that.

  • Thanks you!

    You know what is more famous than GIT? SSH, SCP and SFTP which are not natively supported in VS and, in general, Window shells (and File/Windows Explorer!)

    Couple of reasons:

    - Git co-exists with SSH, SCP and SFTP.

    - SSH, SCP and SFTP are equally famous protocols and is used by millions everyday. Even Microsoft's own customers on Azure and otherwise, use it heavily.

    - There is quite a demand of robust support of these protocols natively in Windows, VS and .NET.

    - I think this would be the big news for masses, as compelling as C99 announcement for VC.


    Not showing interest to what people would actually use more frequently (due to some old grudges with Linux world) is neither helping you nor us.

  • I am using Visual Studio Online. Regarding tasks, previously I updated the order field manually for tasks when I wanted to have them in a specific order within the PBI. I can't see any way to order my tasks anymore, they are just ordered in the order they were added.  Typically Task A should be done before Task F.

    The only thing I can order is the Main backlog but then only the PBIs not the tasks. I think it should be possible to reorder tasks and PBI by drag and drop from all screens where it makes sense. Specifically from the Kanban board view as well as the sprint backlogs and boards. It could very well be a separate "Sprint" order field.

  • I hope Microsoft add CodeLens to VS 2013 Premium too..Please it has no sense to have CodeLens only in Ultimate edition.

  • "CodeLens has been a blockbuster feature in Visual Studio 2013."  No it has not. It has been a nice-sounding feature in VS 2013 Ultimate, which is only available to a tiny fraction of your user base. It can't be a "blockbuster" when only a tiny minority ever get to use it.

  • First , I think that this articale is Super and I will surlly use it .

    A question i want to ask:

    Can Mtm test runner can be custumized ?

    I want to make the mtm to pop up a linked new Bug modal if 'Failed' (From the steps Expected result state , Not from the Main TC state icon at the Top of the TC) state was set for the test case under test

  • This is some serious bitchin' camaro. I might move the entire team from Jira and Github just for this.

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