• This tip comes from Elona on the Visual Studio User Education team.
  • Very good, and utterly essential for new users. Before I found this I started down a rat hole trying to learn ADAM and figure out how to administer security with that based on all the stuff about ADAM in the installation guide. This needs to get some primary visibility.
  • Visual Studio Team System User Education - Process Planning Guide

    David has written a nice guideline...
  • I never seen such a simple step by step guide.

    Hope the nexts will be so cool.
  • This tip comes from Elona on the Visual Studio User Education team.
  • Hi,
    Good to start with your step-by-Step Guide. Can you please provide some more tips on setting up project level permissions.
    We set the permissions to the groups, but members can able to access the global level setting and can modify the permission as they want. Please clarify.

  • Excellent and timely post Rob. Thanks. Do you know if creating the maintenance plan as indicated will ensure all of the databases are in sync. That is, am I ensured that all of the databases can be restored to the same transaction mark to make sure I don't have more recent data in one of the databases than another? (Ref: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms187014.aspx)
  • Thanks, this is going to be very useful. However, if I wanted to move my single server install of TFS to new hardware (but keep the same machine name!!) would I be best following the procedure for 'restoring data to the same data tier' (the first restore option in your post)? Or is this a third restore option not yet covered? BTW, I'm using Beta3 refresh.
  • You also need to ensure that SSIS (Sql Server Integration Services) is installed on the data tier.
  • One important question is, when making branches in TFS Source Control, does it make a physical (in database) copy of the source files in the target branch, or just a symbolic link to the original file?

    What I'm asking for, is if it creates a copy of the source when I do the branch, or after the first change within the source file?

    If it makes a duplicate of the source files right away, the size of our database will grow very fast as we are maintaining a lot of branches in our ISV company.

  • do you have anything on team foundation server source control for geographically dispersed development? the walk through on vs team system web site has no content - just a very empty outline....
  • Most of the links, inside the post are refered to local documents. Can you fix these links?

  • I'd love to see some walkthroughs on getting testing working with Team Build and Test Agen/Controller.
  • Sondre,
    as long as there are no changes to the branched file there is only one copy of the file in the database.

    Buck Hodges:
    "There is no penalty in TFS with respect to having multiple branches of the same file. In the SQL database, they all reference the same content. Only when a branched file changes does new content get added."
  • OK, so your article describes the area I'm interested in, which is covered in your article called:

    Walkthrough: Setting up Team Foundation Server with Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

    Where is it??? There's no link....

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