• Becca - Sure. This is fully supported. You can purchase Team Foundation Server and install Team Explorer with Visual Studio Professional.

  • Hi Tom,

    We'd like to get a little more information to help answer your question. From what you say, it sounds like you have your TFS on a network behind a firewall, and no connection/availability whatsoever to the outside world (where your remote workers are). Is this correct? Can you please supply some details (without actual server names of course)? That will help us understand your situation and we should be able to get you some specific answers.


    The VSTF Documentation team
  • Mickey,
    You do need to restore the Analysis Server database on a different server. The use of "restore the Analysis Server database" is misleading. You need to restore all of the databases including tfsWarehouse and then rebuild the data warehouse (Analysis Server database) that supports the reporting features. The data warehouse (some times called the data cube) is built by using SQL Analysis Services to process the database tfsWarehouse.
    -Lisa (for Valerie)
  • Hi Jiho,

    Great question! Unfortunately in trying to keep the blog post under 12 pages, I left out lots of detailed discussions about things such as capacity.
    We use capacity to plan our next sprint. We do not estimate by costing each topic. Estimation takes time, and we've found it fairly inaccurate for our purposes. But if we average around 100 topics per sprint, we get a pretty good idea that we'll probably deliver around 100 topics in the next sprint (barring any unusual changes).
    There is variance as you point out, and topics in one sprint may be more difficult than another. We buffer for this variance to be sure we can deliver by agreeing to deliver slightly less than our average capacity. So we may agree to do 90 topics in one sprint even though our capacity is 100 (a buffer of 10).
    David Anderson's book, "Agile Management for Software Engineering," has excellent explanations of using buffers if you are looking for more information on this.
    Hope this helps,
  • These instructions deal with restoring the data-tier on the same or different data-tier server. We would very appreciate the instructions for restoring a backup of the complete single server configuration on the completely new server.
  • This is *very* helpful. Thank you.
  • Graham,

    Yes - you are correct. The instructions for backup and restore to a different single server are slightly different.

    However in your case if you are keeping the machine name the same, all you should need to do is follow the instructions for restoring the data to the same data tier. Please let us know if this does not work.
  • Avi

    All data is persisted in the data tier in B3R. So the answer to your question is yes.
  • Is there a minimum version that is require to run this Team Foundation Server? And do we need to upgrade to an Architecture licence as we are currently using MSDN Licence.
  • Thanks for this post. My organization is deploying in the "Team Foundation Clients in a Workgroup and Team Foundation Server in a Domain" configuration.

    I have noticed so far, that the tf.exe command line tool requires us to pass a username and password, while the GUI tools do not. We are also unable to create new team projects unless the user account has administrator privileges on the TFS machine.

  • > How about removing parts of the MSDN Library completely when using the Index or Search Agreed. Perhaps the filtering system could provide a set of check boxes so the filter can be customised (ie. remove Windows CE stuff, include VC++ stuff, etc. etc.)
  • Hello,

    Is it possible to completely export one single TS project (including sources, workitems etc) from one TS server to another TS server?

  • good!
  • The following is my official VSTS jumpstart kit.  I will maintain this post entry going forward....
  • The following is my official VSTS jumpstart kit.  I will maintain this post entry going forward....
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