• I have the same problem as Keith. Cau you help me?

  • As nice as this feature is, I'd prefer to see functionality akin to GitHub with the referencing of Work Items and performing operations via keywords in commit comments.

    That'd be a huge benefit to be able to go in and say Closes #417 for instance and it closes the work item or changes it's status, rather than the current way of doing it. Or even being able to link to work items in the same manner in comments throughout TFS.

  • did not implemented it, but marked it to use in future. Great attempt.

  • I see that Chutzpah 2.3 has been released but I do not see anything about traits in the changelog. Do you know if it is included?

  • I installed the CTP but I am unable to see the Test link to access the web based test case management.  Any help is appreciated, thanks!

  • My bad... I figured it out.

    I was searching the assemblies at [TFS Install Path]\Tools, but the DLL I was missing was under [TFS Install Path]\ApplicationTier\Web Services\bin.

    This doesn't resolve the issue that the MSDN documentation is not up-to-date, but at least the binaries are there.

  • Erin, could you please include an XLSX of the data so that we can consume the data?



  • Hi Matthijs, thanks for adding the point about Bluetooth PAN.  We have tested the above scenario with retail USB Ethernet adapters and it works great.

  • @Wiyono: Since you are running tests on a processor without SLAT capability, the Target defaults to Device. Can you set Platform to ARM in Build -> Configuration Manager and give it a try? Also, while running tests from CLI, provide the arm xap and test settings with Target set to device. (I'm assuming your device is already unlocked with a developer license). And we are fixing up the names in messages.

    @Alexander Soutchilin: You cannot run Phone Unit Tests as part of Team Build yet - we have this in our backlog. However when you execute tests from CLI, you can use /logger:TfsPublisher to publish results to Build Summary Page.

    @Richard Szalay: More than the communication channel, it's the .NET CLR for Windows Phone 8 that made it possible for us to port our existing unit testing solution to WP8 platform.

  • Thanks Vinay, turns out I overlooked to set Platform to ARM (or use the ARM xap for CLI) instead, indeed. Nice one! (although perhaps, error experience could've been more helpful...) Now that it works on device I have found it to be more reliable also it seems (I have since tried it on emulators on another machine and it seems flaky that way in that sometimes not all tests are run and I have to manually select and run each of those, despite having selected Run All - note they are not skipped). But thanks, I have a better workflow now that this works!

  • @Keith Elder, there was a bug in this CTP that produced a null ref error when connecting to a TFS 2008 server.  While compatibility between VS 2012 and TFS 2008 isn't officially supported, we did fix that bug for the next CTP.

  • Do you have a updated sql sp for TFS2012 we can run on our TPC to get our own stats. Its iteresting information.


  • Hi guys, great job with the how-to.

  • Awesome idea, thanks for the blog.

    I have found it a little hard to get test written in IE to work with chrome and have been trying another framework on top of this (CUITe) which, while doesn't support VS2012 or this feature, they work amazingly well together.

    Thanks  again

  • The message of the last months has arrived and now bears first fruits.

    When will the local git-tfs server is available?

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