• It would be nice if the screenshots would be a little bit bigger.

  • It appears to require vs2012 to be installed on test agents? that's a pretty heavy requirement (only got not supported exceptions without it installed).

    Now Firefox will open, but I need to update the driver to support FF 18.

    Chrome gives me an exception - System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))

  • Recording in Windows 8 + IE10 seems to have a few issues - firstly I don't believe the Action Filters are working with the new start screen (or the run dialog). I ended up pinning IE10 to my taskbar to fix this issue.

    IE10 seems to see textboxes as HtmlCustom not HtmlEdit, whereas IE9 appears to be the other way around.  This makes it very hard to create a test that works in both browsers.

  • What about debugging improvements for normal mixed apps? It was horribly broken before Update 2, and it seems to be better but I can't find any documentation that says "we fixed it in Update 2."


  • Very good post... thanks for share

  • @Akram,

    In the ITestExecutor.RunTests method, you can provide additional error information in the Test Result class.

    In my sample (blogs.msdn.com/.../writing-a-visual-studio-2012-unit-test-adapter.aspx), I have filled TestResult.Outcome. You can include additional information such as ErrorMessage & ErrorStackTrace.

  • We've installed the update today but the combo box for build process template is still empty.  Is there any way to fix this manually?

  • Is it possible to get a link to TFS Express 2012 RTM, so that we can use this same upgrade workaround for the Express version?

  • Hi Daff. Can you please contact my email directly shsamy@microsoft.com so I can work with you investigating this issue?

  • Okay, email sent :) Thanks!

  • Does the unit test framework provide a way to collection code coverage numbers?

  • @RobN75- Yes, referencing native dependency has been addressed in upcoming release.

    @Julius Ang- No, WP8 Unit Test framework doesn't support code coverage collection.

  • Hi,

    what does partially supported mean for Win32/MFC based applications?

    Shall I use the Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.UITestControl type to automate Win32/MFC based applications?

    Thanks in advance!

  • After adding the Bug type to the Task Category, I notice that when I go to the Sprint Backlog and click the plus to add a child to a User Story, it shows a loading icon, and never finishes.  I can only add children by right-clicking on the user story.  Is this a known issue?

  • Are UITestMethodAttribute and async Assert.ThrowsException coming to this WP8 test framework too? Perhaps CTP3 (please)? :)

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