• great work.  Love the new playlists.

  • As Stiles said, Microsoft is currently not allowing manufacturers to make USB Ethernet adapter 3rd party drivers for the Surface RT. I'm not sure if my laptop has Bluetooth, but I'm about to check and see. Hopefully I do this via Bluetooth.

  • Actually this approach is saving 200% time in debugging and and analyzing where the exception thrown but with this functionality saving time

    thanks a lot author


    browse for cloud


  • Is it possible to implement SHA3 in the update?


  • Great

  • I am trying to test JavaScript Execution across browsers and the results are not uniform. Mostly IE looks good but even simple scripts to return element based on "id" are not running in firefox.

    Is there anything that we need to do different for cross browser execution of JS?

  • any chance of an iso (for vs, not tfs)

  • @Bruce Wayne

    Use the /layout switch to download all files, create an ISO and use them for all PCs you want:


  • So, is it possible to get a properly formatted version of those PDB's to get line numbers? If so, how do we get them (or is this just not accessible at the moment to those of us outside MS?).

  • @CH_MN:

    your JavaScript syntax is incorrect. you are returning an array of elements from script, but trying to cast to a single object type. You should change your script to below. Also, Button is not of type HtmlButton, but it is an HtmlInputButton. this depends on how the HTML page defined the button of course.

               string script = "return document.getElementsByName(arguments[0])[0]";

               HtmlInputButton b = (HtmlInputButton)browser.ExecuteScript(script, "btnTwo");


  • @Cross Browser: As long as you installed the Cross Browser Components correctly from VS gallery, JS execution should work.

    Can you tell us the Firefox version you are using?

  • Firstly great work on the project,

    Following your instructions I have got all but 2 files copied over to TFS'12 - the following files were missing after I uncompressed the folder:

    k. SassAndCoffee.Core.dll

    l. SassAndCoddee.Javascript.dll

    Did these files get scrubbed in the 2.3.0 release and are these compulsory for testing with QUnit?

  • Hi Vinay. When will the limitation of "tests that have a native dependency cannot be run from command line" be addressed? Thanks.

  • Any news on mystery partner collaboration on the Flash support front? It's been 6 months now... Can't seem to find anything on-line.

  • I went to the TeamDevCentral page linked in Step 1 and found that the CC-CQ to TFS Migration demo was discontinued in March 2012, probably because the 2012 .  Wasn't able to find a replacement

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