Announcing Operations Guidance for Team Foundation Server

Announcing Operations Guidance for Team Foundation Server

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One of the key pieces of feedback we've heard about Team Foundation Server is that customers want more guidance on daily operations, and specifically guidance about how to put together their own operations plan. The Visual Studio Team System Rangers and our own UE team worked together to understand this need and produce a technical article specifically designed to address this need.  We're proud to announce the public release of this technical article today.  Be sure to check out Operations Guidance for Team Foundation Server and let us know what you think!  A quick summary:

You can manage your deployment of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server more effectively if you create your own operations plan. As you create your plan, you should understand key elements of the architecture of Team Foundation Server and how your deployment topology affects operations. This white paper explains those elements in detail, so that you can avoid common problems with your deployment.

Applies to:

   Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server, including:

   - Team Explorer

   - Team Foundation Build

   - Team Foundation Version Control


We'd like to know if you'd like to see more of this kind of documentation in the future.  All feedback is welcome!



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  • Looks great, Susan. We're very excited to see more focus put on operations. And what you've got here is a fantastic start.

    What I don't see anywhere after perusing it for 10 minutes is any indication of how to troubleshoot and resolve any specific EventLog error messages. We know how to check them, and we know how to look for errors. What we really need is a better guide for what to do & try when we see different events occurring.

    Also, I still see no mention of MOM packs being in the works for TFS. It's really badly needed. Until then we're stuck trying to determine what the recommended thresholds are for different counters and events and guess how to deal with them. Even this isn't really spelled out adequately in the initial guide.

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