Draft Documentation Update for Moving Team Foundation Server from One Hardware Configuration to Another

Draft Documentation Update for Moving Team Foundation Server from One Hardware Configuration to Another

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We received word recently that the documentation for moving Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server from one set of hardware to another is not accurate as currently documented on MSDN.  We investigated, and discovered that an undocumented change to the functionality of the renameDT command invalidated the steps as they currently exist.  After much investigation, rewriting, and some internal testing, we're posting a draft revision of that topic here.  This is draft documentation, but for those of you who have been trying to move your deployment to new hardware, it will hopefully prove useful.

As always, feedback is extremely welcome.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave them in comments, either to this post or to the article itself.



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  • The VSTS User Education team has posted a draft of updated documentation for the topic "Moving Team Foundation

  • Un aggiornamento importante per la documentazione di TFS

  • The User Education team has made some important updates to the document "Moving Team Foundation Server

  • Thank you very much for the new documentation. Using this Draft, the Recovery of TFS on a new server works perfect.



  • Thanks for the document. We had one problem with TFS moving from one computer to another due to Hardware failure on the machine. Database was very easy to move but all of the installation files and configurations were not as easy.

  • Are you ever going to move this document and replace the one that is totally jacked up?

  • This document is most welcome. It is kind of hard to move from TFS 2005 to TFS 2008 especially if a lot of customization was done to the Reports. Can you cover reports migration a little bit more. Data warehouse especially.

  • Is this document finalized?  The one in MSDN is still out of date (updated Nov 2007) and there is a ton of community content, further confusing the matter.

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