Software Downloads for the Team Foundation Service Preview

Software Downloads for the Team Foundation Service Preview

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You can connect to the Team Foundation Service Preview from a number of applications as well as visiting your account URL at In the following post we talk about the client software necessary if you want to connect your development environment to your new Team Foundation Server in the cloud.

  • Visual Studio 2010 SP1 or Microsoft Test Manager 2010 SP1
    To connect and authenticate with the Team Foundation Service Preview you need to install the compatibility GDR.
    Note: You must have Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2010 installed before installing the GDR above.
  • Eclipse
    For Eclipse 3.5 and higher (or IDE’s based on those versions of Eclipse) on any operating system (including Mac, Linux as well as Windows) you can install the TFS plug-in for Eclipse which comes as part of the Team Explorer Everywhere 11 Beta.
  • Build Server (Build Controller and Agent)
    To have a build server that talks to the Team Foundation Service Preview, you need to install the Build Service from the latest Team Foundation Server 11 Beta.
  • Visual Studio 11 Beta
    Also, don’t forget that the Visual Studio 11 Beta has all the bits built in to be able to make use of your Team Foundation Service Preview account. Not only that, some of the great new features of the Team Foundation Service Preview will only light up from the newest version Visual Studio. We are keen to get your feedback on this beta release so download it and give it a go from a test machine and let us know what you think.
Update: March 19, 2012  Links are now pointing to the betas.
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  • Martin, as Team Foundation Service Preview moves into its next release phases, are the projects we created at risk of disappearing? Or, what risks should we be aware of?

    I ask because we have started taking some of our smaller projects off of our own TFServer and moving them onto TFService. I understand there are risks of using a Preview version of anything, but just want to better understand what some of those risks are.


  • @Jason, I apologize I just noticed your query now. The Team Foundation Service Preview is licensed for production "go live" usage. You may use it for real projects and there is limited support available (in the forums) to help you. When we reach commercial availability you will have at least 30 days to decide if you want to pay for the service or migrate your projects back to an on-premises server. At this time we don't have any details to share around pricing or availabilty, but we would love for you to continue to use the preview for free.

  • What about Expression Web? We have some web designers on our team and they don't use Visual Studio.

  • Sorry, there is not (yet) a version of Expression Web that works with the TFS online service

  • How secure is it to use to manage sensitive code?

  • Martin, Can i connect a TFS 2010 Test Controller to the TFS Service?

    At present when i configure the Test Controller with the hotmail id that is collection administrator on i receive the error "Invalid user name or password".

    So i used the TFS API to look up the properties for user "" it shows me Windows Live ID\ as the FQDN. But no success.

    Can you please confirm,

    1. Can i register Test Controller 2010 with TFS Service

    2. If 1 is a yes, how do i pass the user account details while configuring the test controller.

    Thanks Tarun

  • Tarun:

    You cannot configure Test Controller 2010 with the hosted TFS service. If you have downloaded the Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview Agents package, then you can configure the test controller there to connect to hosted TFS service.


  • Ion.  We treat the security of your data with the upmost importance.  Even though this product is still in preview mode we still of course go through SDL (, as do all Microsoft Products.  We also have regular security reviews.  However if you have any specific questions, concerns or feedback about security then please get in contact with us.

    When we come out of preview mode, you will be given the option of paying for the service or migrating your data out to host somewhere else (either an on-premise installation or a TFS server hosted by somebody else).  In the meantime all the data is backed up using the powerful features of Windows Azure to support this.

  • It's possible to use Expression with the hosted TFS service, just don't expect it to be fully seamless. The KB install for VS allowed Expression to pop the proper WLID authentication box, but I can't speak to whether the KB is installable on machines that do not have VS installed; my experience was with both Expression + VS2010.

    Also, if you authenticate in VS2010 and select the "keep me logged in" checkbox, Expression is able to connect to the service with no (apparent) problems.

    as always, YMMV and Works on My Machine(tm) :-)

  • I've done some tests with the TFSPreview. After I finished, I deleted my project with TFSDeleteProject again. You are no longer available. Only in the list RECENT PROJECTS AND TEAMS they are not deleted. How can I update this list?

  • @Klaus - this is a known issue that we're working on.  We'll have an update soon that will remove the deleted project from your recent projects and teams list.

  • Klaus: We've recently added a feature that lets you remove items from the project MRU list on the home page. We'll push this change up to with the next update.

  • Hi,

    I try to delete a project but I cant do it!, I try by command line, but I receive: TF200040: You cannot delete a team project with your version of Team Explorer. Contact your system administrator to determine how to upgrade your Team Explorer client to the version compatible with Team Foundation Server.

    But I have the latest version! Can someone help me?

  • Check out:

  • Hi Gregg,

    Can you provide me invitation code for TFS preview please?

    Thank you.

    Jigar (

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