FAQ: Why are my tests not included in the test run?

FAQ: Why are my tests not included in the test run?

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As an alternative to Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), users can use tcm.exe command line to run and manage their test cases.  The command line way is particularly useful in running tests in non-interactive way (say via scripts).

FAQ: While using “tcm.exe run” command to run all the test cases in a test plan\suite is -

  • Either, The “tcm.exe run /create” command gives “A test run must be created with at least one test case.” error.  Why?
  • Or, The “tcm.exe run /create” command is not running all my test cases in the test suite. Why?

A: By default, “tcm.exe run /create” command creates a test run for only tests (or rather test points for more knowledgeable ones) in active state and ignores tests not in active state. (Refer screenshot below to understand what I mean by active state here.) This is deliberate to ensure users can avoid rerunning tests that have already passed and can control what to run by moving it to active in MTM.

You can however specify /include option to tcm.exe run command to force include all the tests.


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  • Hello,

    we use the TCM.exe tool to start tests.

    Its not correct that ONLY TestPoints in active state can be started. If the actual result is passed, we can start also the test. If the actual result is failed, the test cannot be started.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Andy,

    Without /include flag, tcm.exe should include only active test points.  If you are seeing some other behavior then it is not intended.

    Note that you can always move a passed (or failed) test point to active by using "Reset to Active" button in the UI.  May be someone is doing that.



  • Hi Gautam,

    we don´t use the /include flag to start tests and we can (re-) start passed tests. Only tests which has the actual result !passed and !active cannot be started with TCM tool without the /include flag.

    Maybe there is another reason why this behaviour is possible in our environment :-)

    Best regards,

    Andy (previous poster logged in now)

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