FAQ: What is the difference between “Assigned To” and “Tester” in MTM?

FAQ: What is the difference between “Assigned To” and “Tester” in MTM?

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FAQ: In Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), what is the difference between the “Assigned To” field of the Test Case work item and the “Tester” field in MTM.  It seems these to fields are stored independently. So if I assign someone test cases through MTM then this is not translated into the “Assigned To” on the WIT.

A: The “Assigned To” is a field on the test case work item.  The “Tester” is a field on the Test Point artifact.  A Test Point is a Test Case * Test Configuration.  For example, for a given Test Case, you might want to test it on two different versions of the browser – so there are two Test Points.

The “Assigned To” field on the test case work item indicates who owns that test case from an authoring and ownership standpoint.  If anyone has questions in the future they can go to that person. This is the person who is suppose to maintain the test case.

The “Testers” column in the Plan & Test tabs of MTM indicates who will be executing that test case for that particular test configuration.  Since you can have multiple configurations for a single test case, you can “assign” a different tester to each of the configurations.  For example, irrespective of who wrote the test cases to start with, you might want to have a particular tester execute all tests on a given configuration (say IE9 on Win7) for efficiency.


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  • So this question came up time and time again when I was a Dev TSP, and I get it just as much now that I am out in the field.  

    How do I, as a tester, know what test points are assigned to me? I cannot query that in the same way I can ask what test cases are assigned to me in the Track | Queries view.  Or can I? There does not seem to be a field for that.  

    I assume test points are not "stored" somewhere that I can query, only test results that come about from executing those test points are in TFS correct?  

    I think the ideal scenario is that I can open MTM, go to TEST and ONLY see the tests I need to run, and have an easy way to see them too.  If there are dozens of nested test suites, I do not want to have to manually inspect each suite to find my tests.

  • AngelaB - I believe we do have what you are looking for.  Give me a day or two make a follow up post with screenshots for this.

  • AngelaB - Check blogs.msdn.com/.../how-to-get-all-test-points-assigned-to-you.aspx

  • Why Tester and Assigned to drop downs don't show the same list of names?

    - I saw someone who assumed that was related to the search criteria that retrieves information to populate the drop down but this seems not to be the issue I'm facing here.

    I just can't have the person who I have in the Assigned to in the field Tester. and I don't know why.

    Any clues?

  • Hi Marcelo,

    The list in MTM (Tester) is populated based on users who have been assigned at least one test case for testing (Assigned To) within the current test plan.

    Typing in the name and clicking on the “search” button is the way to add specific users to the local cache.

  • Hi Gautam,

    Very well explained.

    Just in case, Can we set alert for Testers field in MTM? Like we do for per say Assigned To field.

  • @Vivek - no, it is not possible to set alerts on "testers" field.

  • Hi,

    But in the query , "Testers" is not a available columns, impossible to change in Excel this field

    they are only  "Assigned to" .

    We use this field in Excel to change the name  who will be executing that test case.

    Thank you to help me

  • We are having the same issue as Phil.  Can anyone help here?  We need to query TFS who the testers are (those assigned as "Tester" in Test Manager) for our test cases.  We have over 1000 test cases and we need to make and update assignments daily using an Excel output from TFS.  Is there anyway to get the testers from Test Manager in TFS, output the Excel spreadsheet, make updates to tester field and then update via Excel.  At a minimum is there anyway to get an output from Test Manager who the tester is?  This is very important and we need some help.



  • @ Jane Trivett: We do have exactly the same problem and need the option to update testpoint assignments in excel - any news regarding this issue?



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