Team Foundation Service Preview–Updated videos are available

Team Foundation Service Preview–Updated videos are available

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Way back in September of 2011, Martin Woodward published a blog post that referenced a series of Channel 9 videos that were introductions to the TFS Preview.

Those videos were recorded based on the version delivered at the BUILD conference.

Just wanted to let everyone know that all of those videos have been re-recorded with the latest bits. The videos were updated in place, so all existing links still work.

You can go to Martin’s blog post to for more detail on these videos, but for convenience they are listed below:


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  • I don't see anything new from the Beta features? Will these videos be updated for Beta?

  • Since Beta hasn't been released yet, we couldn't include any Beta specific features. However, these videos were recorded off the Team Foundation Service preview, which is being updated on a regular basis. The TF Service Preview will continue to get new features pushed to it. So we will likely be re-recording these videos based on changes to the hosted preview, rather than a Beta or RTM milestone.

  • Hi,

    Are OData Services and Web Services avaliable for TFS Preview? If not, there are plans to do?


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