Visual Studio Coded UI for Word Add-In Sample Solution has shipped!

Visual Studio Coded UI for Word Add-In Sample Solution has shipped!

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We are pleased to announce that we have released the sample solution, which many have been waiting for Smile


This project delivers practical and scenario based sample code and guidance for the Visual Studio Coded UI Microsoft Word Add-in, which extends the Coded UI feature support to Microsoft Word documents.image

Without this Add-in, the Coded UI feature has the following shortcomings:

  • Can only reference Word menu and ribbon controls
  • Can only reference the screen location of mouse and keyboard actions within a document
  • Does not support assertions within a document

The add-in also provides the following functionalities for Coded UI:

  • Document location referencing of mouse and keyboard actions
  • Assertions on contiguous document selection

To get started, grab the Hand-On Lab, which steps you through building the solution and using it.

Find more information here:

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  • So I tried to build the SLN file from the development branch. Ouch!

    First do I use VS11 Beta (it won't build) or VS2010 (it too won't build the installers).

    I get the following error message when I try to build either setup (vdproj) project.

    Error1 - Unable to find source file 'C:\Users\Allen\Downloads\codedui\Development\Source Code\CuiWord2010AddinSource\WordAddIn\bin\Release\Microsoft.ALMRangers.UITest.Extension.WordWordAddIn.vsto' for file 'Microsoft.ALMRangers.UITest.Extension.WordWordAddIn.vsto', located in '[TARGETDIR]', the file may be absent or locked. C:\Users\Allen\Downloads\codedui\Development\Source Code\CuiWord2010AddinSource\SetupX86_CuiWordAddin\SetupX86_CuiWordAddin.vdproj SetupX86_CuiWordAddin

    Also why in the world are the rangers using (.vdproj) setup projects??? Don't know you guys know they are deprecated?

  • Allen,

    The download title and release notes stipulate Visual Studio 2010 as the prerequisite. The team indicated on the home page that support for Visual Studio 11 is planned, which will also address deprecated Visual Studio 2010 features.

    Please raise your error on either or so that it lights up for the team. I am forwarding this comment to the team in the meantime.

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