Test Case Migrator Plus V1.2 released

Test Case Migrator Plus V1.2 released

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We have completed the release of the Test Case Migrator Plus (V1.2 RTM) on CodePlex.

What's new for the V1.2 RTM version

  • Support for connecting to Hosted Team Foundation Server Preview.
  • Support for connecting to Team Foundation Server 11 Beta.
  • Fix to issue with read-only attribute being set for LinksMapping-ReportFile which may have led to problems when saving the report file.
  • Fix to issue with “related links” not being set properly in certain conditions.
  • Fixes to ensure that tool works fine when the Excel file contained rich text data.
    • Note: Data is still imported in plain text only.
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  • Great Work, Thanks

  • Hi,

    Thanks for developing this tool, it's of great use. Few queries/information required.

    While I'm trying to use this tool, I'm able to upload Test Cases but not in a specific test suite/test plan, what should be the path to provide in the excel sheet, please suggest. Although I can find my test cases through id query but don't know where they are located in MTM, as we have closely @100 projects in MTM and each having different test plans.



  • I am trying to import a test cases from MS Excel that has multiple steps in once cell. I have used the \n to separate the steps but this is not working. It just dumps all the data into one step in TFS. Is there a character the import tool will recognize the new step? I also tried ALT+enter and it doesn't work either.

  • Hi,

    I would like to use this tool. However, I am stuck at a pre-requisite. Could you please suggest how I can export test cases with links from TFS to excel?


  • Does Test Case Migrator Plus v 1.2 RTM works with VS2012?

  • Which version of Test case Migrator Plus work with VS 2012?If any,please provide me the download link



  • Test case Migrator Plus  does not work with Microsoft Test Manager 2012

  • Test Case Migrator Plus v 1.2 RTM works with VS2012 to me, i don't have face any problem

  • Hi, this program is not workin for me when using VS & TFS 2013.

    It crashes when pressing Next after loading the .xls (forwarding to Destination Tab).

    I would love to have this aplication available for TFS 2013, since I've been relying on it on previous versions. Is ther any chance to get it working?


  • V1.2 RTM is not working with TFS 2013?

  • Hi,

    V1.2 RTM  do not work with VS 2013. Any alternate way how to import test cases using this tool. Thanks,

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