What's new for Microsoft Test Manager in VS 2012 RC

What's new for Microsoft Test Manager in VS 2012 RC

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As you may know, we recently announced the launch of the Visual Studio RC 2012. Here is a list of some exciting new features in the MTM RC 2012:


The new Video Recorder

To further ease the usage of Microsoft Test Manager, a Media Foundation based video recorder has been integrated with the product, which means that you don’t have to install Expression Encoder anymore to create video recordings during your testing sessions.


Manual testing support for Metro style apps built using XAML

You can now generate rich action logs, with both text and image descriptions of your actions, for your Metro style applications built using XAML as well.


Directly jump to your plan while plan selection

When you select your test plan after the MTM launch, now you can just type the first few letters of your test plan to quickly jump to your own plan. If the list of plans is long, this saves you from scrolling through a long list to get to your desired item.


Copy links in various activities

A lot of times you would have felt the need of a quick way to share MTM related information with your team members. We have added copy links at various places like test results, test run reports, work items details, exploratory session details, etc.. This copies a hyperlink for that particular activity to your clipboard, so that you can quickly paste and share it out.


Better sync between 'Plan' and 'Test'

The Plan and Test centers are much more synced now, with the selected suite being same in both of them. The currently selected suite remains the same between both 'Plan' and 'Test' now and is equal to the last selection done in either of them.


Assigning configurations made easier

The dialog for selecting configurations has been further simplified by having a single list of configurations to choose from. Instead of having separate columns for each configuration ,we now have a unified list from where you can select or unselect configurations for a given test. Selecting configurations for multiple tests can also be done similarly and is much simplified now.


Hyperlink to change team project

Along with the test plan hyperlink, a team project hyperlink has also been added which directly takes you to the team project selection dialog. If you want to change the team project or the server you are connected to, it just takes a single click to reach the selection dialog from anywhere in MTM.


A more usable exploratory testing toolbar

The toolbar in the exploratory testing tool has been made much more usable with the buttons for the primary actions like creating bug, creating test case and adding a screenshot, being more visible and easy to discover.


An MRU list for selecting users

For assigning owners for a plan or a result, we now have a most recently used list from where you can quickly pick a user without going through the complete list. This list enumerates both, 'users' used most recently and the 'users' appearing anywhere in the test plan context. Also, if the intended user is not available in the list, the user can type in a minimum of three characters of the user name, search for all matching users and then select the intended one from the search results. This is particularly helpful while assigning a tester to a test, analysis owner for a test result or a test plan owner.


TFS proxy support for TCM attachments

All the TCM attachments have the TFS proxy support now, which means much faster access to all your files. If one person has downloaded an attachment, it gets cached and others can access it from there without having to go through the pain of downloading it again.


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  • Thanks for sharing

  • Thanks for this post. Does MTM still require a lot of space to store debugging and video data on drive?

  • Where is the excel integration support?


  • I am really giving myself time to evaluate Test Manager but it always ends up short on some things.

    Can you shed some light in these issues:

    1. What is the best way to present reports to management to have them see the testing progress? Ideally, we need the total number of pass and fail for the whole project and not just per test suite. there is no intuitive way to pull out this data and beautify them for managers.

    2. I have seen a lot of sites suggesting to go to excel and connect to the cube (tfs_analysis), however I do not have (or cannot access) this tfs_analysis (from my own local server!). It seems I need to have sql server BIDS for this which I cannot source from anywhere.

    It is getting frustrating that a simple report tool needs a lot of prerequisites before you can generate it.

  • @Phillip - this is high on our backlog. Could you send me an email at nivban at microsoft dot com so that I can discuss with you more about this?

  • 1) Can MTM integrated with 3rd party tools?

    2) Can user generate reports / metrics instantly?

    3) And what are all the supporting platforms or technologies

    4) What is the main advantage of MTM when compared to other tools that are available in the current market?

  • @Rampraveen - see social.msdn.microsoft.com/.../c367fbff-8994-435a-8112-36574be341be for comparisons

    See msdn.microsoft.com/.../dd380742(v=vs.110).aspx for supported platforms

    Reports - msdn.microsoft.com/.../dd286682(v=vs.110).aspx

  • Is the feature to edit test cases during test case execution is available ?

  • One feature I was wondering if there is way for editing Test Cases while running them.

  • We're using VS/TFS/MTM 2010 and we've struggled to manage test case versions.

    What is the best (most efficient/least combersome) way to manage versions of test cases - namely when functionality changes from one release to the next, and test cases (and related automation) become version specific?



  • Hi there

    When will MTM/TFS work items support multi-pick lists?  Checkboxes would be nice too, but lack of multi-pickers is causing is to do cruel and unusual things to managed test cases (and bugs).



  • Hi, thanks for sharing us all the info.

    I have a query, do we have any feature in MTM where in we can find any required Test case or work item in a page by using CTRL + F (just like we try to find in any browser).

    Ex: In 'Plan' or 'test' mode, I have hundreds of Test cases and I want to find a particular TC whose ID i know so how to find it in that page with 100's  of Tcs?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi

    My name is Kokila. I have a question with Shared steps that is there in Microsoft Test Manager 2010. I am aware that shared steps are used when a set of steps are shared/used by more than one flow. Based on this theory I am currently adding the business rules that are common to all the flows in the test case and business rules that are associated with the data elements (which are also common to all the flows) as shared steps.

    These steps(common BR and BR associated with data elements) are then linked to the Basic Flow such that when I test the norm flow for the function as a golden path I am able to test the flow along with the data elements and any associated business rules and the common business rules that are applicable to all the flows.

    I would like some advice/feedback on the above process that I am following. I am open to suggestions if there are other ways to record the business rules.

    Thanks in advance



  • How to find any particular test case by a known MTM Test case ID in any Test suite, either in Plan or Test mode?

    Thank you.

  • Item that should be in highest priority is test case export/import to/from excel. This feature is extremely critical for QA like me, but unfortunately MTM does not support it till date.

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