UI Test Plugin for Silverlight Applications

UI Test Plugin for Silverlight Applications

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Using the Microsoft Visual Studio UI Test plugin for Silverlight, you can create Coded UI Tests or action recordings for Silverlight applications. Action recordings let you fast forward through steps in a manual test using Microsoft Test Manager. Coded UI Tests let you record actions, generate code and play back user interface tests using Microsoft Visual Studio.

This plugin supports Silverlight 4 & 5 applications hosted in Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 & 10. It requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 RC.

A few members of the product team got together and built this plugin as an off-hours project. It is not an official Microsoft release. We will monitor the Q and A section on the Visual Studio Galley site for feedback and queries.


For more details and to download the plugin visit Visual Studio Gallery.


Deepak Singhal, Mathew Aniyan, Siddhartha Pandey, Tapas Sahoo, Vishnupriyan Radhamanalan.

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  • Good stuff guys.

  • Thanks you very much

  • What you have done is admirable. Very grateful.

  • Good work! is there any news about Coded UI for Windows 8 Metro Apps?

  • Why is this an "off-hours" project and not part of the regular product development. I really wish they'd give Silverlight tooling a little more love.

  • Thanks for this! You guys are great

  • @ M.Radwan: Coded UI Test support for Win8 Metro Apps is currently in our backlog

  • This is great we have clients that are happy happy now.

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