Visual Studio 2012: “Where is the Test Toolbar. Couldn't find it anywhere”

Visual Studio 2012: “Where is the Test Toolbar. Couldn't find it anywhere”

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On Jason Zanders’s blog I noticed the question:

…where is the Test Toolbar. Couldn't find it anywhere.

In Visual Studio 2012 we made an effort to simplify the user interface to give people more room for their own work and to make the IDE more productive.

Part of this simplification was not showing as many toolbars by default.  In most cases those toolbars are still there – you just need to enable them via Tools > Customize or right click on the standard toolbar and choose Customize.  

In the case of the Test toolbar many of the paradigms have changed with the introduction of the Test Explorer so the old toolbar in addition to not having a lot of people using it just wasn’t relevant in some cases so we did not include it in Visual Studio 2012. 

For the folks that did use the Test Toolbar in 2010 never fear you can still easily get the Test Toolbar comparable functionality back for Visual Studio 2012.


Step 1.

Create a new “Test” Toolbar




Step 2.

Add Commands you want for your new test toolbar

Commands>Toolbar>The Test toolbar you created in Step 1>Add Command


Step 3.

Add the Test Commands to your new test toolbar 

Categories>Test>Select Command>OK


Step 4.

Repeat Step 3 Until you have created the Test Toolbar you want.


Step 5. (optional)

I would also recommend you now export your settings to preserve your new toolbar.

Tools>Import and Export Settings



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  • what about the Test Tab being removed and replaced by unit testing tab to run tests?

  • @GLimbaugh not certain what you mean by "Test Tab". Can you send me a pic in mail?


  • @Charles

    GLimbaugh is talking about in 2010 we have Test > Windows > Test View

    It brings up a nice tab that I can see ALL my test names and can run them.

    In 2012 we only have the explorer and I cant see any of my tests there until I run them.  

    They really messed up the nice test interface, I cant believe for 2012 they are removing features like the ribbon.

    The Test View is a lot more intuative and quicker to use.

    Please back it back

  • I have my own created toolbar, but as soon as I reopen the studio (or it has some hick-ups), the toolbar is gone. Even if I export to the default settings dialog. Although I created it as shown here.

    There are other settings that get not saved either (i.e. some keyboard shortcuts)

  • @Charles

    Hi there, have also a question about unt tests in VS2005, maybe you know the awnser.

    Is there a limit or bug in VS2005.

    I have 670 or so test. And when i create a new one it doesn't appear in the test manager as normal in the `Tests not in list` folder. Sometimes they do, but go away after a few run's.

    Is this a limit of vs2005 ?

    Ps: I have the sollution open that i have to test, and it's made by VB people. So it's full of:

    Select Case Welk

         Case GetType(frmGrid).Name

           Letter1 = "G"

           Letter2 = "r"

           Kleur1 = Color.Cornsilk

           Kleur2 = Color.DarkCyan

         Case GetType(frmMBWachtkamer).Name

           Letter1 = "W'"

           Letter2 = "k"

           Kleur1 = Color.Red

           Kleur2 = Color.Navy

         Case GetType(frmPAIN).Name

           Letter1 = "A"

           Letter2 = "i"

           Kleur1 = Color.MediumPurple

           Kleur2 = Color.PapayaWhip

         Case GetType(frmZoekPatientSleutel).Name 'Patientsleutels verwijderen

           Letter1 = "P"

           Letter2 = "v"

           Kleur1 = Color.DarkOrchid

           Kleur2 = Color.DarkOrchid

         Case GetType(frmHuisartsenpraktijk).Name

           Letter1 = "H"

           Letter2 = "p"

           Kleur1 = Color.YellowGreen

           Kleur2 = Color.MediumOrchid

         Case GetType(frmAtcTekst).Name

           Letter1 = "A"

           Letter2 = "t"

           Kleur1 = Color.RosyBrown

           Kleur2 = Color.Violet

         Case GetType(frmBarcode).Name

           Letter1 = "B"

           Letter2 = "c"

           Kleur1 = Color.YellowGreen

           Kleur2 = Color.IndianRed

         Case GetType(frmLoginUserOverboeken).Name

           Letter1 = "G"

           Letter2 = "o"

           Kleur1 = Color.DarkBlue

           Kleur2 = Color.OrangeRed

         Case GetType(frmAgenda).Name

           Letter1 = "A"

           Letter2 = "g"

           Kleur1 = Color.Yellow

           Kleur2 = Color.Gold

         Case GetType(frmArtsOverboeken).Name

           Letter1 = "A"

           Letter2 = "o"

           Kleur1 = Color.Brown

           Kleur2 = Color.Purple

         Case GetType(frmControlerenLogtaken).Name

           Letter1 = "C"

           Letter2 = "l"

           Kleur1 = Color.Red

           Kleur2 = Color.Orange

         Case GetType(frmHistorieBrowser).Name

           Letter1 = "G"

           Letter2 = "b"

           Kleur1 = Color.Firebrick

           Kleur2 = Color.Yellow

         Case GetType(frmIMS).Name

           Letter1 = "I"

           Letter2 = "m"

           Kleur1 = Color.GreenYellow

           Kleur2 = Color.Red

         Case GetType(frmLogTaakTijd).Name

           Letter1 = "L"

           Letter2 = "t"


    And this goes on, and on, and on.... for miles of code....

    So: the VB guys have typed the whole project into code, like someone was talking to them...

    Is this maybe the problem ? So: VS2005 is telling me, stop testing and start looking for a better job ?

    Or is this a `known` bug for VS2005 (a program that's released 8 years ago) ?

    Can't find it on the internet, but it also looks like i'm the only one left using VS2005....

    Thanx in advance...

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