Team Foundation Service: Process template changes

Team Foundation Service: Process template changes

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With this latest Team Foundation Service update, we have updated the process template versions for all the templates. Agile and CMMI are at 6.1. Scrum is at 2.1. This reflects a few minor improvements we've made:

- For Agile, the User Story's state model has been updated to allow you to transition from any state to any other state.

- For Scrum, we did the same for Product Backlog Item and Bug.

- For CMMI, we corrected some bugs where the ResolvedBy, ResolvedDate, ActivatedBy, ActiviatedDate fields were not being set/cleared properly on some transitions.

We have noticed in the industry a desire to move towards a less restriction process flow. The implementation of the kanban board highlighted just how restrictive our work flow was.

For example, for Scrum, if you moved a tile from "New" to "Approved", you couldn't move back again!

This just seemed too restrictive and we fixed it.

It should be noted that we did not update the workflow of Requirements in the CMMI template, as we are assuming if people want this template, they want a more formal control over the work flow.

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  • Thanks Gregg, that's really good keep improvement guys you really do a great job!!!!

  • Can you post the workflow xml so those of us with corporate TFS servers can apply the workflow and be updated to the 6.2 goodness??

  • @Allen, good question. You can download the templates by connecting your Visual Studio 2012 client to a account, go to Settings / Process Template Manager , and select Download.

  • Hello, Where can I report a bug on TF Service?


  • is there a blog post that describes the different process templates and compares their features against each other?  It would also be useful if you described the pros and cons of each of the process templates (a subjective description would be better than no description).


  • A description and comparison of the default process templates that TFS provides is available in this topic: Choose a process template (

  • Hello Gregg,

    I am unable to upload a tfs 2013 process template. I have signed up for a free 5 users account (tfs services). I am connecting using Team explorer 2012


  • @Mumshad, uploading process templates is disabled for Team Foundation Service. So is all work item tracking customization. We are working on adding that functionality, but for now all you get is the out-of-box templates.

    On the good side, we will always upgrade your team projects to the latest template whenever we make a process template change. So you will always be using the latest version.

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