Enabling Test Case Management features in Team Foundation Server Web Access

Enabling Test Case Management features in Team Foundation Server Web Access

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Update: We have moved the test case management features for Web Access to Visual Studio Update 2.  

So when you install the latest CTP for Visual Studio Update 1 these test features will no longer be present. 

We plan to re-enable these features in the CTPs for Visual Studio Update 2.

For a final list of all the features in Visual Studio Update 1 please see the post:

Final CTP for Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 




Two of the features i listed in: Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 CTP were:

  • The ability to view and edit Test Cases in a test plan from Team Foundation Server web access
  • The ability to run manual test cases and file bugs from Team Foundation Server web access

Unfortunately the CTP build made available today Oct 8th doesn’t have the “Test” menu option for accessing these features.



Fortunately it is very easy to access these features…The button simply does a redirect to the URL:


So all you need to do is add /_testManagement to the end of URL for Web Access and Presto! 




You can play with the test features such as:

1. View Test Plans:


2. View Test Suites


3. View Test Cases and change their status


4. Edit Test Cases


5. Execute Test Cases


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  • What about licensing ? Do we still need to buy Test Manager or Premium ?

  • This is definitely great step forward. We are looking forward to see more critical features like data and diagnostics getting added ...

  • Does this require TFS 2012, or can you connect to TFS 2010? Does this use the Team Explorer Anywhere to connect?

  • Thanks Chuck for this great feature!

  • Doesn't seem to be in the final Update 1 release, any idea when we can expect to start seeing Update 2 CTPs with it back in?

  • how do you enable the link on TFS web access of the MTM?  I cannot find any document refer to this and when I added /_testManagement to my project URL, it threw an error about view Indext or its master was not found.....

  • Liked it. Good feature.

    I would also suggest we should add capability for like adding test case step when test is in run. Currently it is not possible in web access.

  • I don't understand how to view the comments that one logs on the failing test cases, I looked everywhere and there is no place where I can find them written!

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