Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 CTP

Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 CTP

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11/26/2012 Update. 

Note The final release of Visual Studio Update 1 now available, please see:

Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012 Update 1 now available

Also Note the KB of fixes is now available:



Visual Studio 2012 Update is providing continuous value to customers, adding new capabilities year-round to features in the main product release. These releases will be aligned with the core software development trends in the market, ensuring developers and development teams always have access to the best solution for building modern applications.

Below you will find the key new features that can be found in the Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 CTP.   This release is a Consumer Technology Preview of the forthcoming Visual Studio Update due out in November.

  • Supporting agile teams: Agile planning along with adding Kanban support to the existing Scrum support.
  • Continuously enabling quality: code coverage for manual testing web apps, easily filter and group your unit tests or a web interface for test cases
  • SharePoint development: add additional ALM capabilities to SharePoint such as Load Testing and Coded UI testing support.
  • Windows development: improving Windows 8 application development, Windows XP for C++ applications without side by side installations.

Please note: as this is a Technology Preview; it is NOT meant to be run on production workstations or servers.  You can install these updates on top of the RTM release of Visual Studio 2012 and going forward, future updates will install correctly on older updates.

New Features in Visual Studio 2012

Below is the list of features found in the Update 1 CTP. Going forward, for more information using these features please see the Visual Studio Team blog

New Test Features in Microsoft Test Manager and Visual Studio

Below is the list of features found in the Update 1 CTP.  Going forward, for more information using these features please see the Visual Studio ALM Team blog

New Features in Team Foundation Server

Below is the list of features found in the Update 1 CTP.  Going forward, for more information using these features please see Brian Harry and the Visual Studio ALM Teams’ blog

Note: The Version controls warehouse still has a 260 character limit and you need to have this update applied to both your Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio client.



For your convenience you will find the download page for the Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 CTP at:


Statement of Support

Please note: as this is a Technology Preview, it is NOT meant to be run on production workstations or servers.  The testing of these CTPs is not as exhaustive and complete as the testing for the release product.  The recommended approach for upgrading Visual Studio on developer workstations is installing the latest Visual Studio Update 1 CTP on top of the RTM or a previous CTP build.   NOTE: since setup is updating the files during these updates there is NOT a “downgrade” path to get back to a previous release. 

WARNING: Do not install the CTP on a Team Foundation Server Production Server.  Unlike Visual Studio you can NOT upgrade Team Foundation Server once a CTP is applied and you can NOT attach a CTP TFS configuration database (which contains the Source, Work Items etc) to a released version of Team Foundation Server.


The installer available for the Visual Studio 2012 Update may also be used to download and create a disk layout that will include updates for all of the Visual Studio clients. To create this layout:

  1. Download and save the installer
  2. Run the installer from a command prompt with flag: /layout
  3. Specify the download location in the UI.

How to Provide Feedback on this Release

Feedback is an important part of this process. To supply feedback, please use the Visual Studio 2012 feedback tool. For your convenience the feedback tool automatically captures the build number and attaches system information - so we know any bugs/suggestions are for this technology preview.

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  • The TFS links are broken - e.g.

  • @Josh - thanks!  All fixed! - turned out being a silly copy and paste error!

  • "Memory Profiling for Java Script Applications"

  • Still no Semantic Versioning then?

    "Update 1 CTP", sigh.  It's meaningless, give us version numbers we can use

  • So, where are the variadic templates?

  • Does the "mixed managed + native debugging" also extend to debugging of managed components in JavaScript Windows Store apps?

  • would be nice to be able to use Blend for Visual Studio 2012 on a Windows 7 machine to develop "for" Windows 8...  right now, i'm looking at a 2+ week delay to backup & update workstations so we can do the graphics part of "visual" development...  no emulator, no base capabilities at all for use in windows 7?

    a tad frustrating, and IMO un-necessary.

  • Their last blog was on June 5th.

    Where is the blog post on the "JavaScript Memory Analysis" and code-maps feature, for example?

  • What are the "•Usability improvements for Coded UI tests"?

  • @Ninja...What VS Blog are you looking at?  I see a post on Visual Studio Team blog from 4 days ago....

  • No c# outlining?  We really have to get this functionality from an extension?

  • I have WDExpress Desktop.  No TFS (none wanted).  I do want XP target.  What do I download for that, and only that?  I had to test on XP today and found out the PE is not a PE anymore; it's an abomination!  Apparently.  XP thinks so.

  • Hi,

    I have downloaded this CTP update and was able to successfully install in a test environment. What I really want to know is following.

    1. How to configure Kanban board. I want to know about internal mechanisms to understand how to add new swim lanes and where does it store information about Work In Process (WiP) limits.

    2. How to add sub columns for each state in Kanban board. For example, Instead of just having In Progress, I want "In Progress" and  "Done" within "In Progress". This way I can move a given PBI from "In Progress" to "Done" which can be picked-up by another user who is going to test it.

    3. I want to be able to show my teams actual Lead Time and Cycle Time for PBIs on Kanban Board. i.e. I want to customize standard charts and reports that are visible on the Kanban board.

    4. I would like to filter data on Kanban board. For example, I want to see only those PBIs which are assigned to me but within Kanban board view.

    There are such other things that I would like to try out against this CTP version and so I would like to know more about internal mechanisms of this Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2.1 process template.

    Please advice!

    Best Regards,

    Dharmesh Shah.

  • @dharmesh.shah, thanks for the feedback. Right now, the way to add new columns is to add new states.

    All of your requests are valid and we plan to provide solutions for them, including the ability to add new columns *without* adding new states.

    We just don't have them available yet.


  • I'm not able to install (or upgrade) TFS 2012 Express with this update.

    Have tried clean installation, tried  with TFS2012 Express installed, tried turning off firewall/Defender/UAC - same error.

    Everything goes well until the Configuration Wizard gets to the second last part (services), think the status message in "uploading config data". It stops, stating two errors - TF255136 is the first - the second error is empty, no message or info.

    The machine is a clean Windows 8 32-bit Swedish. I have no problems installing the original TFS2012 Express.

    This is from the log:

    [Info   @23:14:41.550] +-+-+-+-+-| Running ServicingData: Uploading servicing data |+-+-+-+-+-

    [Info   @23:14:41.550]

    [Info   @23:14:41.550] +-+-+-+-+-| Uploading servicing data |+-+-+-+-+-

    [Info   @23:14:41.550] Starting Node: CSVCDATA

    [Info   @23:14:41.550] NodePath : Container/Progress/Conditional/CSVCDATA

    [Info   @23:14:41.612] Updating servicing step groups

    [Info   @23:14:41.831] Found 249 groups targeting CollectionDatabase.

    [Info   @23:14:55.831] Updating servicing step groups

    [Info   @23:14:55.864] Found 12 groups targeting ApplicationDatabase.

    [Info   @23:14:56.237] Updating servicing operations

    [Info   @23:14:56.237] Updating servicing operations

    [Error  @23:14:56.384] TF255136: The data for applying the service pack or critical update could not be added to the server.

    [Error  @23:14:56.441]

    Exception Message: Cannot load a servicing operation. Resource name: 'ServicingData.Collection.Operations.Install.xml'. Servicing step group 'Install.VersionControl' is not defined. (type TeamFoundationServicingException)

    Exception Stack Trace:    at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server.ServicingOperationProviderBase.LoadServicingOperation(Stream operationStream, String operationResourceName)

      at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server.ServicingOperationProviderBase.LoadOperations()

      at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server.ServicingOperationProviderBase.LoadOperations()

      at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.Configuration.ServicingDataInstaller.UpdateServicingOperations(TeamFoundationRequestContext deploymentContext, TeamFoundationLock collectionServicingLock, ServicingOperationTarget servicingOperationTarget)

      at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.Configuration.ServicingDataInstaller.UpdateServicingOperations(TeamFoundationRequestContext deploymentContext, TeamFoundationLock collectionServicingLock)

      at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.Configuration.ServicingDataInstaller.UpdateServicingData(TeamFoundationRequestContext deploymentContext, TeamFoundationLock collectionServicingLock)

      at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Admin.ConfigureServicingData.Run(ActivityContext context)

    [Info   @23:14:56.441] Node returned: Error

    [Error  @23:14:56.441]

    [Info   @23:14:56.441] Completed ServicingData: Error

    [Info   @23:14:56.441] -----------------------------------------------------

    [Info   @23:14:56.456] Execution results:

    [Info   @23:14:56.456] Overall result: Failure

    [Info   @23:14:56.456] Nodes completed: 35

    [Info   @23:14:56.456] Nodes succeeded: 34

    [Info   @23:14:56.456] Nodes skipped: 8

    [Info   @23:14:56.456] Nodes with errors: 1

    [Info   @23:14:56.456] Nodes with warnings: 0

    [Info   @23:14:56.456] Number of error messages: 2

    [Info   @23:14:56.456] Number of warning messages: 0

    [Info   @23:14:56.456] Number of info messages: 2

    [Error  @23:14:56.456] Activity failed.

    [Info   @23:14:56.456] Configuration failed. Unconfiguring.

    [Info   @23:14:56.456] Setting the IsConfigured flag for feature SharePointExtensions to False.

    [Info   @23:14:56.472] FirewallHandler.RemoveExceptions

    [Info   @23:14:56.472] Creating Iis7ManagerImplementation

    [Info   @23:14:56.472] IisManagerImplementation.IsInstalled is called

    [Info   @23:14:56.472] Preparing to load: Microsoft.Web.Administration, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35

    [Info   @23:14:56.472] Microsoft.Web.Administration is installed: True

    [Info   @23:14:56.472] Microsoft.Web.Administration is loaded in the current appdomain.

    [Info   @23:14:56.472] IisManagerImplementation.IsInstalled is called

    [Info   @23:14:56.472] Microsoft.Web.Administration is installed: True

    [Info   @23:14:56.472] Iis7Manager.RemoveSite is called. Feature: ApplicationTier, Remove Application Process: True, Best Effort: True.

    [Info   @23:14:56.472] IisManagerImplementation.IsInstalled is called

    [Info   @23:14:56.472] Microsoft.Web.Administration is installed: True

    [Info   @23:14:56.534] site found: Team Foundation Server

    [Info   @23:14:56.550] site removed.

    [Info   @23:14:56.737] committed

    [Info   @23:14:56.753] removingApplicationProcess

    [Info   @23:14:56.753] deleting appPoolName: Microsoft Team Foundation Server Application Pool

    [Info   @23:14:56.831] done.

    [Info   @23:14:56.831] deleting appPoolName: Microsoft Team Foundation Server Message Queue Application Pool

    [Info   @23:14:56.894] done.

    [Info   @23:14:56.894] deleting appPoolName: Microsoft Team Foundation Server Web Access Application Pool

    [Info   @23:14:56.925] done.

    [Info   @23:14:56.925] complete

    [Info   @23:14:56.941] Remove web.config files for ApplicationTier

    [Info   @23:14:56.941] Removing: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 11.0\Application Tier\Web Services\web.config

    [Info   @23:14:56.941] Removed.

    [Info   @23:14:56.941] WindowsServices.StopServices

    [Info   @23:14:56.941] Skipping stop of service TfsJobAgent since it is not running

    [Info   @23:14:56.941] WindowsServices.UninstallServices

    [Info   @23:14:56.956] Skipping uninstall of service TfsJobAgent since it is not installed

    [Info   @23:14:56.956] Deleting group: TFS_APPTIER_SERVICE_WPG

    [Info   @23:14:57.035] AppTierRegistrySettings.RemoveValues

    [Info   @23:14:57.035] removing SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WebTierSetup:VSTFActions

    [Info   @23:14:57.035] removing SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0\TeamFoundation:RegistrationFileCacheEnabled

    [Info   @23:14:57.035] removing SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0\TeamFoundation:RegistrationRefreshDurationInSeconds

    [Info   @23:14:57.035] removing SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0\TeamFoundation:RegistrationFileCachePath

    [Info   @23:14:57.035] Deleting servicing registry key.

    [Info   @23:14:57.035] Setting the IsConfigured flag for feature ApplicationTier to False.

    [Info   @23:14:57.066]

    [Info   @23:14:57.066] +-+-+-+-+-| ResultsSqmData |+-+-+-+-+-

    [Info   @23:14:57.066] Feature: ApplicationTier (1)

    [Info   @23:14:57.066] Feature: ApplicationTier; previousFailure: False

    [Info   @23:14:57.066] Error count: 1

    [Info   @23:14:57.066] Warning count: 0

    [Info   @23:14:57.066] Overall Result: Failure (3)

    [Info   @23:14:57.066] WebSiteData: 9

    [Info   @23:14:57.081] SqlData: 8

    [Info   @23:14:57.081] RSData: 0

    [Info   @23:14:57.081] WSSData: 0

    [Info   @23:14:57.081] Wizard: NewServer (10)

    [Info   @23:14:57.097] TfsConfigData: 8216

    [Info   @23:14:57.097] serviceLevel: Dev11.M37

    [Info   @23:14:57.097] Fatal Error Location: 121

    [Info   @23:14:57.097] Activity = ApplicationTierBasic (1)

    [Info   @23:14:57.675] ResultSqmData.UpdateIssues

    [Info   @23:14:57.692] no issues

    Hope you can help.



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