Team Foundation Service is out of Preview

Team Foundation Service is out of Preview

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Earlier this morning at the Build conference here in Redmond we announced that Team Foundation Service is now out of Preview!  The new URL for the service is You can read about the changes here:

With this change, your accounts are now accessible at http://<youraccountname>  The old domain will continue to work for the foreseeable future, but you should plan on starting to use the new URL. 

One difference is that you'll need to type the full URL (ex: of your account into the Add Team Foundation Server dialog in Visual Studio.  Notice that you need to use https:// as well.  We'll make this a bit easier with our first VS Update, but I wanted to call it so that nobody is tripped up by it.


It's an exciting day!  Thanks to everyone for the feedback you've provided along the way. 

Aaron Bjork


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  • Great! But, how do I migrate to the online service from my on-premise TFS 2010 server?  

  • Thanks for providing the free plan for online TFS service. That helps small development teams to collaborate effectively.

  • I'm not sure i really get the pricing model.  Is it correctly understood that:

    * For now there is a free plan with up to 5 users

    * From 2013, the Free Plan will be replaced by a "Free Plan for MSDN subscribers"

    * If i have more than 5 users which needs to connect to the TFS Service, i need to upgrade from my MSDN included plan to a paid plan?

  • Is there a tool that will allow me to directly migrate my existing TFS 2010 Team Project (including everything such as check-in history, work items, etc) to a Team Foundation Service?

  • Sorry Mike, we don't have anything like this today.  Your best bet is to migrate your source and then use a tool like Excel to export/import work items.  

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