Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012 Update 1 now available

Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012 Update 1 now available

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As Soma mentioned in his blog the Visual Studio Updates are a new mechanism we are using to provide ongoing value throughout the year to our Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server customers. These updates will provide features to support the latest software trends in the market, and also offer an easy way to deploy bug fixes.   In Visual Studio 2012 Update 1, we’ve focused on enhancements to SharePoint development, Windows development, continuous quality enablement, and tools for agile teams. For more information please see: 

NEW 1/11/2012

The list of fixes in update 1 is now available at:


Downloads for Visual Studio 2012 Update 1:

Below I have highlighted a couple of my favorite features and brought forward the Visual Studio Update 1 feature list from previous posts.


SharePoint development productivity improvements with IntelliTrace collection for SharePoint Applications



IntelliTrace has been enhanced in Visual Studio Update 1 to include a PowerShell module for collecting trace logs from SharePoint, filters specific to SharePoint events and a new dialog that enables entering a SharePoint correlation ID that makes locating and solving SharePoint development problems much easier.  See Collect IntelliTrace Data Outside Visual Studio with the Standalone Collector.


Continuous quality enablement with Coded UI Enhancements


We have added a three new features to Coded UI tests: the ability to configure search properties for recording on web applications, handle unexpected error/dialogs with playback retry mechanism and the ability to enable/disable HTML logger using APIs


Write higher quality Windows Store Applications with the JavaScript Memory Analysis tool

image clip_image002

The JavaScript Memory Analysis tool enables developers to inspect the memory usage in their Windows Store Applications written primarily in JavaScript and be able to diagnose potential leaks.

See the MSDN content: Analyzing memory usage in Windows Store apps (JavaScript)


Reduce the mean time to recovery (MTTR) with Visual Studio IntelliTrace integration with System Center


Integration with System Center for IntelliTrace analysis of APM exception alerts enables opening of APM exception events from Visual Studio IDE as if the exception was captured during the IntelliTrace historical debugging session. See What's New in System Center 2012 SP1 - Operations Manager for more information.


How to Provide Feedback on this Release

Feedback is an important part of this process. To supply feedback, please use the Visual Studio 2012 feedback tool. For your convenience the feedback tool automatically captures the build number and attaches system information - so we know any bugs/suggestions are for this release.


The “laundry list” of Visual Studio Update 1 features from previous posts

SharePoint Features

Windows Store Development List

Agile Teams

(see also Understand, Navigate, and Debug Code Visually with Code Maps)

New Test Features in Microsoft Test Manager in Visual Studio 2012 Update 1


New Features in Visual Studio 2012 Update 1


New Features in Team Foundation Server in Visual Studio 2012 Update 1

Note: The Version control warehouse still has a 260 character limit and you need to have this update applied to both your Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio client.

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  • Checked it out on Microsoft Downloads, glad to see the VC++ 2012 Redistributable Update 1 now has "Windows XP" listed on the system requirements :-)

  • Is there any increase in C++11 standard support?

  • Hello shurcooL,

    I just asked the C++ team your question (tell you the truth I am not certain what you are asking).

    Hopefully will get a reply tomorrow


  • I think he means if the C++11 support of v110_xp identical with the upcoming v120 release (Nov update of VC++)?


  • You are not added :(

  • Your "Analyzing memory usage in Windows Store apps (JavaScript)" link is currently pointing at your staging server:

  • After updating my Visual Studio 2012 to Update 1, my Team Explorer and Source Control Explorer windows are a dark grey and do not change no matter what color theme I use.  I even installed the theme color pack to give me more options and they still will not change.  Anyone else seeing the same?  The contrast for the font colors and the grey backgound are horrible!  (black text on dark grey background)

  • Hello djredman99,

    I need you to file a bug so we can take a look at this...we have not seen this problem before



  • @shurcooL

    There is no increase in C++ 11 support in this update. For more information, check out the Visual C++ team blog at There is a lot of good stuff there!

    If you have other questions, feel free to ping me (the community guy),

  • "Understand, Navigate, and Debug Code Visually with Code Maps" is a broken link. (Or, more likely, a link that only works from within Microsoft's corporate network.)

  • This link hasn't contained any info on "Update 1" since you posted it:

    What's New in Visual Studio 2012 (note the sections: “New in Visual Studio 2012 Update 1”)

    Where are the details about the bug fixes?

  • FYI: Some of us are confused by the **C++ Compiler CTP** ( )

    Is that part of this service pack or is that something we'll have to obtain separately when it leaves CTP?

  • One great idea: Update 2 (and all others) with a pausable and resumable web installer, capable of making a DVD-5 at the end, for installation in other computers without downloadind everything again. :)

  • Wasn't there supposed to be some Single page application MVC template available?

  • Hello Jeremy,

    This is not part of the core Visual Studio Update but is due out soon and will be made available at:



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