February CTP for Visual Studio Update 2

February CTP for Visual Studio Update 2

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Visual Studio Updates are a mechanism we are using to provide ongoing value throughout the year to our Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server customers. These updates will provide features to support the latest software trends in the market, and also offer an easy way to deploy bug fixes.  In Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 we are focusing on Modern Application Lifecycle and Modern App Development

The CTP Can be downloaded here:


Please let us know if you have any issues!

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ALM Features in this CTP:

Fakes now available in Visual Studio Premium

Fakes replace other components

Microsoft Fakes help you isolate the code you are testing by replacing other parts of the application with stubs or shims. These are small pieces of code that are under the control of your tests. By isolating your code for testing, you know that if the test fails, the cause is there and not somewhere else. Stubs and shims also let you test your code even if other parts of your application are not working yet.  Starting with Visual Studio Update 2 Microsoft Fakes are now part of Visual Studio 2012 Premium as well as Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate.

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Clone Test cases in Microsoft Test Manager


The ability to easily recreate a collection of test cases and their organization has been an oft requested feature-and one that we have added in the Visual Studio Update 2 February CTP.  This feature should be useful in several scenarios such as reusing test cases from sprint to sprint for agile teams or ensuring there are no regressions in servicing efforts.

Visual Profiler for Windows Store Apps built with HTML and JavaScript


This HTML and JavaScript UI Responsiveness tool (available via “Debug ->JavaScript Analysis -> UI Responsiveness”) is a new capability found in Update 2 that enables developers to solve issues with UI responsiveness and latency in visual updates of their Windows Store apps. The HTML and JavaScript Visual Profiler does this by presenting a holistic set of “events” (logical categorization of CPU utilization) that occurred during a period of time, which includes both application logic as well as platform behavior that occurred on behalf of your application (e.g. layout, GC, network request, image decoding time).


The text above was updated on 3/15/2013 to reflect the updated menus in the Visual Studio Update 2 RTM; if you are still on CTP2 the correct navigation would be: “Debug->Visual Profiler”


Enable pausing and resuming test execution in web based test case management


Web based test case management was introduced with the January CTP; the ability to pause test case execution and resume it later (even days/weeks, after reboots and even on a different machine!) was added in this latest  Visual Studio Update 2 CTP.  Another nicety of the pause and resume test case feature is if you edit a test case while paused the test case will remember and resume the version that was initially paused  - not resume the updated definition. 

Adding attachments to test outcomes in web based test case management


    Web based test case management works without install anything on the machine being tested; in Visual Studio Update 2 February CTP introduces the ability to save attachments of helpful diagnostic information from the machine being tested that will help with the fixing of discovered issues(such as screen shots).


    ALM Features included in the January CTP:

    1. Web based Test Case Management
    2. Code Map Debugger Integration and Responsiveness Improvements
    3. TDD for Windows Phone Unit Tests
    4. Test Explorer group tests by Class
    5. Web based version control Explore and Compare
    6. Send work items in email
    7. Email work items from backlogs
    8. Web version control Improvements
    9. New Team Explorer Connection dialog display multiple servers, TPCs and projects
    10. Advanced SharePoint 2010 Load Testing
    11. Team Foundation Server Work Item Tagging
    12. Extended cross browser support in Coded UI Testing
    13. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 support in Coded UI Testing
    14. Test Explorer test details improvements for Coded UI Tests
    15. Improvements in Windows Store Applications Unit Testing
    16. Test Explorer test playlists
    17. Symbol Loading improvements for IntelliTrace and Profiler
    18. While not technically part of Update 2: Git as version control on Team Foundation Service




    We have confirmed an issue with Licensing causing TEST hub to be hidden. This problem only shows up on an on-premise Team Foundation Server installation if you have upgraded from Visual Studio 2012 Team Foundation Server Update 1 to Visual Studio 2012 Team Foundation Server Update 2 CTP3.   If you have not upgraded your Team Foundation Server you probably have not given access to your users (see this post for details on how to do this).  image


    Temporary Workaround: you can still access all the test functionality of the TEST hub by directly specifying the “_testmanagement” in the URL: “http://SERVER:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection/TEAMPROJECT/_testmanagement


    This problem does not occur if you did a fresh install of Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 February CTP OR have upgraded from Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 RTM to VS 2012 Visual Studio Update 2 CTP3. 


    The Team has also created a private utility you can apply to your server so the Test Hub will reappear (after you have set the access level)….to receive this private utility please send email to: Ravi Shanker

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    • Fakes in Visual Studio Premium?! THANK YOU!

    • Does "Clone Test cases in Microsoft Test Manager" clone test results too? I sure hope it does...as we've been struggling for a way to copy and duplicate test results...

    • Hello Paul,

      As these are new test cases with the same properties as the original the output is set to the new state of "active".

      with no test results for this (new) instance of the test case.


    • The link to "12 Extended cross browser support in Coded UI Testing" appears to be broken, do you have an updated link?

    • Is the GUI fixed now? Are setup and deployment projects available?

    • I can't seem to get the Test hub to appear, how can I get that to show up?

    • Thanks for the confirmation that clone really isn't a deep clone that clones test results, how can I clone test results so I can duplicate this results tab on a cloned test plan? blogs.msdn.com/.../2438.clip_5F00_image001_5F00_3B144D52.jpg

    • Paul,

      While not checked in yet we are hoping to get to this in the next sprint.

      thanks reading the blog


    • The option to add fakes is missing from my Visual Studio Premium install. Is there something more I need to do than updating to the February CTP?

    • Thanks Doug for reporting the problem to us.

      We have confirmed the issue with Licensing causing TEST hub to be hidden and are investigating it. Please do note that this problem only shows up on an on-premise server, if you have upgraded from VS 2012 VSUpdate#1 to VS 2012 VSUpdate#2 CTP3.

      Workaround: To unblock, one can access all the test functionality of the TEST hub by directly specifying the “_testmanagement” in the URL: “http://SERVER:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection/TEAMPROJECT/_testmanagement”

      This problem does not happen if you either did a fresh install of VS 2012 VSUpdate#2 CTP3 OR have upgraded from VS 2012 RTM to VS 2012 VSUpdate#2 CTP3. It is also not applicable for the TFS Hosted Service.



    • I can also confirm that fakes option is missing when i right click on a reference.

    • It would be nice if the screenshots would be a little bit bigger.

    • add new ADO.NET and connect to database, initially the database items appar in the data sources panel, but then when you switch to another tab in VS to implement these, the entities added, disappear.  I have reproduced this problem severa times. VS crashes many times and i find it more unstable compared to previous versions, e.g. i want to rename a window, VS crashes for 30 seconds, then resumes. This did not happen before the CTP update.

    • intellisense is often not working even after going to edit then intellisense and then press complete word, it still does not appear

    • Please please make sure that update 2 fixes this issue with C++ development and precompiled headers.  This bug randomly crops up and requires a full rebuild to get around it.  Either that or turning off precompiled headers, but the performance drop of builds is drastic if we do that.

      c1xx : fatal error C1027: Inconsistent values for /Ym between creation and use of precompiled header


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